RFID sticker to be installed by MPTC to those who failed to acquire after Nov. 2

Given the near approach of the November 2, 2020 deadline for the full-transition to cashless toll collection, many motorists have been trying to get their vehicles installed with the Easytrip RFID. However, the increasing demand for the said cashless module has caused long queues at installation stations. Upon recalling, expressways operated by the San Miguel Corporation (SMC) extended the supposed November 2 deadline to November 30, therefore giving motorists more time to traverse its roads without the Autosweep RFID. The Metro Pacific Tollways (MPTC), on the other hand, will still allow motorists to pass through its operated highways, however, for those who failed to install the said cashless module after November 2 will therefore be directed to installation lanes at toll plazas where they can have their Easytrip RFID stickers installed.

RFID Installation lanes

Just to clear it all off, the following highways operated by the MPTC are NLEX, SCTEX, CAVITEX, C5-Link, and CALAX. While the RFID stickers remain free, the said installation lanes will require motorists to prepare P500 for the initial load. Apart from that, MPTC will continue to operate its off-site installation and reloading sites.

Now, given this announcement, perhaps, the frustratingly long lines might slightly subside, as this should somewhat ease the rush of many motorists to acquire the said cashless module. Another good thing about this is that the following motorists will therefore not be greeted with any sort of violation or penalty as they traverse the following MPTC operated highways without the RFID sticker. 

It’s good to see that there are mere considerations being given out by highway operators, therefore rewarding drivers that added ease and convenience during this momental change. Now we can truly affirm that this is not sort of a rushed transition, as motorists are indeed given enough time to adjust and therefore have their cars or any other type of vehicles as such to be installed with the RFID stickers.

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