Rocket thrusters on Tesla Roadster

Tesla Motors is known for its high-performance electric cars. That's a fact. It has also gained attention on its SpaceX project tests and was also able to successfully bring the Roadster in space. However, this new rumor circulating on the internet may defy what 'crazy' really mean. 

According to a report published on The Verge, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced something that was once our fantasy during our childhood days. He plans on putting rocket thrusters on the new Tesla Roadster – can you even believe that? That model could easily go from zero to 97 km/h in just 1.9 seconds. Even without the rocket thrusters, that thing is crazy as hell so what made Musk think it needed those?

Before we get hysterical on the idea, let's settle first as the thrusters aren't designed to perform a combustion, unlike the ones on space rockets. Instead, these things are said to just let highly-pressurized cold air out of it – so you could actually think of the ones on Ironman's suit if that's the case.  

These rocket thrusters we're looking at are said to give the new Roadster extra boost in acceleration, which is darn ferocious already. Where are your molecules going to be when your car started hitting zero to 97 in under a second?

Oh, and one more thing, the technology, specifically the composite overwrapped pressure vessel (COPV), would come from SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket. The Verge was thoughtful enough to explain that these are lightweight bottles in thin metal liner wrapped in carbon fibers. They are told to be superb in storing vast amount of pressurized air in such a small space. 

Now, how would the Roadster look like with thruster on its back? 

Unlike in the Falcon 9, where these bottles are found inside the propellant tanks, Musk plans on placing them on the front, rear, and sides, helping the car in braking, accelerating, and steering. A point was made clear though, rocket thrusters would scrap the idea of efficiency and it would (unsurprisingly) not be street-legal – not exactly your concerns if you want super-fast car. 

Lastly, the rocket thrusters are expected to be loud. Not only that, they are also seen as a possible threat to the safety of other cars on the road. The concept might be crazy at this phase but Musk has shown the world his capability in turning concepts into reality. Let's see if this one adds to his fair track record.

Source: The Verge

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