Scania P 250 PHEV

Trucks have been known to be larger hulking vehicles that come with noisy engines. One brand wants to change that notion with the introduction of one of its newest trucks the 7-liter Scania P 250 PHEV. What sets this new truck apart from the rest of its competitors is its new hybrid drivetrain which helps give the vehicle a cleaner impact on the environment along with its new 6-speed clutchless gearbox which gives it seamless and instant gearshifts.

Scania road testing

The new hybrid truck has been undergoing testing in northern Sweden to stress-test how the vehicle will take extreme cold and even through low traction conditions. Scania even brought the new truck to the city to thoroughly test out its new transmission through stop-and-go conditions. 

With this test in mind, the truck maker gave its new vehicle to several truck drivers to see how they would react to the new technology and new transmission. Many of the truckers reported that through their test drives with the vehicle, its gearbox was consistently smooth and had no hesitation shifting to the gears they needed.

Scania P 250 side profile

Aside from this many have also reported that they have been surprised by the fuel efficiency of the truck. Scania has pointed out that with its new hybrid technology, the P 250 PHEV was able to produce great fuel efficiency numbers by reducing the average fuel consumption by about 25%. 

With this new hybrid technology and new gearbox testing looking to be successful, it’s only a matter of time before Scania officially releases the new P 250 PHEV to other countries. This could also be the beginning of a new era for trucks as they soon adopt electric and hybrid technologies for their newer generations as they move past the gasoline and diesel age. For now, we will just have to wait and see when this new cleaner technology will make its way into the Philippine market.

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