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April 15 marked the start of a new rewards program brought to you by Chevron Philippines, Inc. (CPI) and MVP Rewards and Loyalty Solutions, Inc. Gas up at any Caltex station nationwide and get rewards and cashback credited to the MVP Rewards card. 

One peso cashback equivalent can be had for every five liters of fuel availed from Caltex stations. Fuels such as Caltex Platinum with Techron, Silver with Techron or Diesel with TechronD are part of the cashback reward. With a maximum of sixty liters, almost all cars can be filled up to capacity for maximum benefit. The cashback credit can be used the next time the customer chooses to avail of Caltex fuels on their next visit. 

PLDT, SMART, Sun, TNT, Cignal and Bayad Center subscribers and users are exclusively able to use MVP rewards. Paying for your bills and expenses earn you points with the use of the MVP card. Exclusive deals are in store for cardholders, as well as discounts and privileges. 

We have designed the MVP Rewards program with one audience in mind – our customers. We have taken what’s best across industries and put it in one powerful program leveraging on the PLDT group that has the unique ability to provide this level of convergence owing to the breadth of our combined services,

To become a member and avail of these rewards, head on over to the MVP rewards website to sign up and create your rewards profile. Enroll your PLDT, Smart, Sun, TNT, and Cignal accounts to enjoy various rewards and claim your card. 

A one peso cashback when fueling up may seem small, but built up over a long amount of time and that rebate could mean the difference between going that extra kilometer or hitting empty on your next long drive. 

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