SMC to build new roads and rail networks connecting to Bulacan Airport

San Miguel Corporation has certainly been constructing better roads in order to render greater convenience among Filipino motorists. Recently, the company has unveiled major rail and road network projects it will incorporate into its P740-billion airport project in Bulacan. Apart from carrying beneficial factors for the impending Bulacan Airport, this project will allow cars to have seamless travel around the country and help decongest EDSA.

These projects make up the massive infrastructure network that will not only make the airport easily accessible from Metro Manila and various points of Luzon but will also further unlock the economic potential of so many of our provinces. Taken together with the airport, travel, and trade in Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao, and outside the country will be easier and more efficient. This is part of our commitment to invest more in our country and help our government and our people build back better.

The plan includes an airport toll road that stretches by about 8 kilometers. The said infrastructure should connect to the recently completed Skyway Stage 3, an 18-kilometer road that goes all the way to the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX).

SMC also presented to the LGUs in Bulacan several proposed road expressway projects including the NMIA Airport Expressway, Integrated Airport Toll Expressway Network-Northern Access Link, Integrated Airport Toll Expressway Network-Southern Access Link, Integrated Airport Toll Expressway Network- Central Access Link, East Metro Manila Expressway, Northeast Airport Expressway, Calamba-San Pedro Expressway, Bulacan-Tarlac Expressway (BTEX), Bataan-Bulacan Expressway (BBEX), Skyway Stage 3-R10 NMIA Expressway, MRT 7 Road, and NMIA Expressway MRT 7 (Road Spur Access).

Notably, its proposed railway transport modes including the MRT7 Katipunan Spur, MRT7 Airport Expressway-North Line, MRT7 Airport Expressway-West Line, MRT7 Extension Project, and MRT7 Airport Expressway Southeast Line system, shall form part of a seamless transport system that will allow the accommodation of the millions of passengers who will enter the country through the Bulacan airport every year. Apart from that, this transport network will also contribute to the smooth delivery of goods and services. 

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