Toyota Vios 2024

A report from Auto Industriya cites that the new Daihatsu-based D92A-platform Toyota Vios will not see production in the Philippines this year, 2023. As Toyota’s number one seller in the country, the Vios enjoys local production to fit a wide range of customers in the country, however, fans of the Vios or owners with aging models might have to wait a little longer for the all-new model. 

The Toyota Vios in its current generation has been in the market for several years at this point, about five at the moment. Right now, the model is bordering on five years old, and it has been produced in the country, at Santa Rosa, Laguna, since 2013. Now, don’t worry, Toyota Motor Philippines won’t be pulling the plug on Vios production in the country, but insiders have told our colleagues at Auto Industriya that the launch of the new Vios shouldn’t be expected in 2023. 

Toyota Vios/Yaris Ativ

The Vios is a locally-produced model, so Toyota Philippines doesn’t rely on imports to feed the demand for the subcompact sedan. With a delay in the start-production of the new model, a new model launch won’t be expected anytime soon, with Auto Industriya’s source citing that setting up production was a challenge due to post-pandemic era problems like part, raw material, fuel, and electronics shortages being just some of the contributing factors. 

Issues with tooling and equipment were also cited, as the new Vios has a very different look to it compared to the previous generation. Auto Industriya also pointed out that 2024 could be the year for Vios buyers to get their hands on the new model, with the news source also pointing out that the possibility of a new Innova could be in the works as well, yet another model that enjoys local manufacturing. 

Toyota Motor Philippines has not issued a statement regarding this topic according to the source. 

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