Low prices combined with other promos will have you checking out a Subaru dealership soon.

This might very well be one of the most enticing ways to own a Subaru, thanks to price adjustments given by Motor Image Pilipinas, Inc. Net prices starting May, 2018 for select Subaru models are even lower than prices before the TRAIN Law, effectively giving would be buyers a sizeable discount on top of already existing promos and cash incentives.

All variants of the Forester get a huge discount, as well as a low downpayment offer of P98,000. The Forester 2.0 i-L is now being sold for P1,398,000 compared to P1,548,000; a hearty P150,000 off. The same reduction applies to the rest of the Forester lineup with the Forester 2.0 i-P now only P1,618,000 (from P1,768,000), and the Forester 2.0 XT at P1,898,000 (from P2,048,000).

The XV also gets a cut of P80,000 across the model range, including the new variant with EyeSight. The XV 2.0i is now being sold for P1,338,000 (from P1,418,000) and the XV 2.0i-S is at P1,538,000 (from P1,618,000), while the EyeSight equipped XV 2.0i-S is only P1,588,000 (from Php 1,668,000).

The recently launched Outback 3.6 R with EyeSight also gets a bump down with a price of P2,208,000 from P2,408,000, a P200,000 difference.

Full cash purchases also include a P150,000 markdown and buyers can avail of service and accessory vouchers amounting to P130,000 with purchase of a Subaru.

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