2018 MIAS Subaru Outback

Two eyes are enough, but Subaru doesn’t seem to settle for just ‘enough’, as they introduce a new pair of eyes for their cars at the 2018 Manila International Auto Show.

Dubbed as ‘EyeSight’, this new technology is the newest addition to Subaru’s suite of Core Technology. It aims to assist drivers with its wide range of functions, providing safer and more convenient driving experience. When equipped with EyeSight, forward-facing stereoscopic cameras are mounted on both sides of rear-view mirror to look out for potential dangers that might come your way.

This system comes with six essential functions. There’s a Pre-collision Braking and Pre-collision Throttle Management to ultimately avoid a crash, or at least reduce its impact. Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Keep Assist, and Lane Departure Warning are also included to keep the car in proper distance to the car in front, in the center of the lane, and in appropriate speed. It also comes with Lead Vehicle Start Alert that signals drivers with buzzer and flashing lights when the EyeSight detected that the traffic began moving again.

Talking about new updates, Subaru PH has also launched its facelifted Outback that features a bolder appearance with larger front grille, more defined fog lamps, and new set of wheels. Inside, it’s integrated with revised infotainment system, new climate control system, and new sound insulation for a quieter ride.

Another good news is that Subaru XV, Levorg, and the updated Outback is now equipped with EyeSight driver-assist technology and are now available for booking in all Subaru dealerships nationwide.

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