Time to say goodbye to the Suzuki Alto

Big things are happening for Suzuki Philippines for the coming month of March in 2020. Two vehicles are set to launch, the XL7, and the S-Presso. But as the saying goes all good things must come to an end and this is the case for the Alto. A quick look at the local Suzuki website reveals that the small subcompact hatchback has been removed.

As the newest addition, the S-Presso will be replacing the Alto as the most affordable model in the local lineup. The Alto gave buyers an affordable vehicle in a small form factor. It featured a simple interior and an 800cc motor, which was great for commuting around the city. While space was restricted it did offer enough to seat four adults comfortably inside. Similar to the car that will replace it the Alto also came at an attractive price point coming near the P500,000 mark. 

Suzuki S-Presso press photo

The S-Presso, on the other hand, continues where the Alto left off but in a bigger form factor. The new small subcompact crossover presents an interesting proposition for those in the market for a new car. The vehicle is bigger in all dimensions compared to the outgoing Alto and will supposedly come with a similar price point as well. It also comes with the advantage of a taller ride height putting a bit more space between you and water when it comes to the rainy season. Pricing for the S-Presso is said to be around the P500,000 mark. With the small subcompact crossover already on sale in India, its foreign specifications point to it only being available with a manual transmission.

There is no official word yet as to when exactly in March the Suzuki S-Presso will be launched in the Philippines, but the vehicle is already making its presence known with photos of its circulating around the internet. 

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