2019 Suzuki Jimny

With the two Suzuki Jimny concept spinoffs released early this year, it seems like something has tapped the mastermind of a virtual design studio and has resulted in a badass 6x6 version. Uploaded on their YouTube account, SRK Designs demonstrated how it transformed the well-loved, pint-sized Jimny into an aggressive off-roader, that’s ready to fight on any battlefield.

The virtual designer started off the grooming session by giving the 2019 Jimny a new set of off-road tires, complemented with larger fenders. The front fascia also received a few touches such as the new mesh grille, front bumper, and full ‘SUZUKI’ lettering instead of just the brand’s logo.

To make it more authoritative-looking, the artist painted it with three different shades of green, added a bed, attached roll bars, and other off-road trimmings. The height of the six-wheeled Jimny was also increased to conquer any types of terrain and to let its passengers explore and take on more challenging adventures.

Well, who wouldn’t be thrilled with this outstanding rendering? Too bad the Jimny 6x6 configuration only exists in the virtual world. It’s far from our reach to get this in actual form, but nothing’s impossible right?

Meanwhile, the fourth-generation Jimny has become a hot topic in the country since the Japanese brand announced that it will be available in local Suzuki dealerships by the third quarter of 2019. Currently, the 4x4 SUV is already open for reservations, so make sure to secure your dream car now.

Source: YouTube

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