2019 Suzuki Jimny Rear Quarter

The Suzuki Jimny will no longer be made in Japan, instead, the pint-sized SUV will be manufactured in India, where quite a few Suzuki models are being made. 

One of the attractive aspects of the Jimny was the fact that it was made in the land of the rising sun. Because of this, quality was assured and many fans found the country of origin to be a selling point that somewhat justifies the price tag of the Jimny. 

According to sources, Suzuki Philippines started receiving the new Indian-made Jimny units last month. Maruti Suzuki is one of the biggest manufacturers in Asia, and the decision to go with Indian units was to catch up on the backlog of order for the Suzuki Jimny. To put things into context, other models like the Suzuki S-Presso also come from the Maruti plant. 

Suzuki Philippines has also assured that the quality of the units coming from India will still be the same as the ones from Japan. Customers can expect that the Indian-made units will be comparable or nearly indistinguishable from the Japanese-made counterparts. 

However, even with the different sources, the Jimny will get a price increase to go along with the country of origin change. All of the variants in the nameplate’s lineup will get a P10,000 increase due to foreign exchange rates and the cost of materials. 

That being said, the most affordable Suzuki Jimny will cost P1,095,000 and the most expensive model the GLX AT (two-tone) will go over the 1.2 million Peso mark—specifically priced at P1,215,000. 

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