2018 Nissan Leaf Nismo Concept

It seems that Nissan can't quite hide its excitement with an all-electric Nismo concept. After releasing its teaser, the Leaf Nismo was revealed in whole body – and the excitement overflows. 

In history, this will be the 2nd Nismo incarnation of the all-electric LEAF nameplate. Back in 2011, Nissan showcased the 1st generation LEAF bearing the Nismo badge and a wider body kit at the Tokyo Motor Show. It carried the name Nissan Leaf Nismo RC, and was dubbed as the Japanese automaker's "EV racer."

Fast forward to 2017, Nissan remade the concept out from the visually more aggressive 2018 Leaf. The Leaf Nismo concept features sporty body kit such as revamped side vents on the bumper. It is also integrated with red trims on the side skirts, side mirror, and rear bumper diffuser.

If you're looking for interior changes in comparison to the 2018 Leaf, you are in no-luck. Same instruments and fabric completes its Nismo counterpart, except that the performance Leaf gets red trims and stitching that amplifies that race car-feel.

Moving on, the essence of a Nismo Leaf concept is performance apart from the looks. Nissan claims that the all-electric race car is integrated with a custom-tuned computer that gives the car the ability to "instantly accelerate at all speeds." In addition to this, a sport-tuned suspension and high-performance tires wraps up the Leaf Nismo.

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