Ford is preparing for a special solar eclipse event to reveal the new Bronco Raptor.

Bronco owners, listen up, you don’t have to get a little bit lonely every now and then when they’re not coming around! Ford is hosting a special event to watch the upcoming total solar eclipse. 

The event will be held at the Bronco Off-Roadeo near Austin, Texas, an ideal spot for viewing the eclipse. Attendees will experience the total eclipse, a rare event where the moon completely blocks the sun, creating a few minutes of darkness. This particular eclipse is expected to last about 4 minutes and 13 seconds at this location.


Along with the eclipse viewing, Ford is planning to reveal a new Bronco Raptor Blackout Package right after the eclipse. Details about what's included in this package are still unknown, but it's likely to feature special black-themed styling and badges. The reveal will definitely make you look forward to the coming solar eclipse!

The event is exclusive to Bronco owners, including those with a Bronco Sport and people who have future reservations for a Bronco. Priced at $1,995, it includes a two-day experience with guided off-road driving, camping, and meals for up to four people. For those who can only join for the day of the eclipse, don't worry! Ford has also prepared a shorter option available for $595, which includes two meals. 


Matt Simpson, the general manager for Ford Enthusiast Vehicles, mentions the high ratings previous Off-Roadeo events have received, so the lunar eclipse event wants to offer something unique to Bronco owners.

"94 percent of people who attend Bronco Off-Roadeo give it a 5-star review, according to our surveys. Now we're offering Bronco and Bronco Sport customers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that adds another star to the mix."

And you need your Bronco tonight; and you need it more than ever, BUT, you don't have to hold it tight! Instead, you can take a look at Ford's current lineup and get a quote for the Ford of your choice. With a range of options from rugged off-roaders to family-friendly vehicles, Ford has something for every need.

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