Toyota FT-Se Concept Cover

The FT-Se has made its grand debut at the Tokyo Auto Show, and our first-hand impressions are a testament to its appeal. While no official word has been given regarding production intentions, it appears to be more than just a concept car, with hints that it's geared towards becoming a market-ready vehicle.

Technical specifications remain under wraps as Toyota has yet to disclose them, but the joint unveiling of the FT-Se alongside the FT-3e crossover concept strongly suggests a shared foundation for these EVs. Toyota has confirmed the extensive sharing of major components between these models, hinting at a versatile next-generation EV platform.

Toyota's ongoing work on an ultra-compact battery architecture, featuring cells with a height under 100 mm, is mirrored in the FT-Se's design. The car's sleek profile and low stature indicate its compatibility with this advanced battery technology.

Toyota FT-Se Concept

In terms of design, the FT-Se harks back to the lightweight MR2 lineage, popular from the 1980s to the early 2000s. Although precise dimensions aren't available, its visuals present a compact yet wide appearance, with the wheels extending to the corners of the body. The front bumper is marked by substantial openings suitable for an electric vehicle, and the rear spoiler includes full-width strakes.

Toyota FT-Se Rear

The FT-Se seems poised to fill a performance niche within Toyota's lineup. It aligns with the vision of the former Toyota CEO, Akio Toyoda, who aimed for a trio of performance models, with the FT-Se potentially joining the ranks alongside the Supra and GR86. The inclusion of the GR branding, denoting Toyota's Gazoo Racing performance division, underscores its sporty character.

Toyota FT-Se Front Quarter

Although interior details remain undisclosed, Toyota is committed to providing a new, lower instrument panel and protective knee pads, presumably to enhance driver comfort and safety during high-speed driving. Moreover, Toyota's previous exploration of an EV sports car with a virtual stick shift suggests exciting prospects for the FT-Se's production version.

If the FT-Se does make it to the production stage, it will enter a competitive field. Notable automakers like Porsche, Lotus, and Renault subsidiary Alpine are also delving into the realm of lightweight electric sports cars.

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