Toyota electric vehicle plans

Toyota's electric vehicle (EV) plans have just become considerably bolder. In a media briefing held in its home market, the Japanese automaker detailed its comprehensive plans for an electrified future.

To start with, Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda talked of the company's current state of affairs and how it takes electrification seriously.

I believe that achieving carbon neutrality means realizing a world in which all people living on this planet continue to live happily. We want to help realize such a world. This has been and will continue to be Toyota's wish and our mission as a global company. For that challenge, we need to reduce CO2 emissions as much as possible, as soon as possible.

Toyota looks set to bear the challenge of electrifying its lineup. It has vowed to produce 30 new all-electric models before 2030. That's double the 15 EVs it previously promised to make until 2025. It also upped its investment commitment to 2 trillion yen (P884.6 billion) from the previous 1.5 billion yen (P663.4 billion). More than that, it promised to turn Lexus into an all-electric company by 2035.

Those are lofty goals, and Toyota deserves credit for committing to such ambitious plans, but it hasn't always been as bullish on EVs. While it has found some degree of success in the hybrid market with models like the Corolla Cross, the company has fallen behind on electrification in recent years. It has failed to release a full-fledged EV when many of its competitors, including Honda and Ford, have already done so.

That could change soon, as Toyota's bZ (beyond Zero) series looks to be the first EV range set for release. The bZ4X compact crossover will be Toyota's first battery-electric model, and it's coming in mid-2022. 

Toyota EV

After that, dozens more are in the pipeline. Electric sports cars, crossovers, SUVs, pickup trucks, and commercial vehicles are all included in the showcase. With its promise of releasing 30 EVs by 2030, Toyota could be launching 3-4 models beginning next year. It's wild to think about, and we only wish some of these electrified models would trickle their way down to the Philippines. 

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