Toyota GR Yaris Philippines

The GR Yaris is a monumental model for the Japanese brand, and it wasn’t long before tuners got their hands on the model and went wild. Reports come in with units making over four hundred horsepower and tons of torque. The Yaris gets its power from a 1.6-liter turbocharged three-cylinder engine and now there is a factory tune that dealers offer, the thing is, you can only get this tune in Japan for now. 

What’s interesting to note is that the change to the GR Yaris is a software update for the engine control unit (ECU), which means that if Toyota were to offer it outside of the country, it should be a quick in and out service for existing GR Yaris owners in the Philippines. 

The personalization option was brought about by Toyota’s partnership with KINTO. GR Yaris units purchased through Toyota dealers have been added to the KINTO FACTORY service lineup, which enables customers to avail of the tune as well as other services. There is also a GR Yaris that is under the “Morizo Selection,” which offers specialized parts and accessories that makes it more unique than standard GR Yaris units. The tune, however, is available for standard GR Yaris units in Japan for the time being, and it’s labelled the “GR YARIS PERFORMANCE SOFTWARE 2.0.” 

Toyota GR Yaris Performance Software 2.0 Torque Graph

The tune sees a 20 Nm increase in torque between 3,200 RPM to 4,000 RPM, netting a peak torque figure of 390 Nm instead of the base 370 Nm. This will affect how the car drives, resulting in “strain-free and relaxed acceleration based on technologies honed through racing in rallies, which puts high demands on acceleration, deceleration, and flexibility,” says Toyota Motor’s press release. 

On top of that, the software can also be optimally set up to “suit customers’ personalities and preferences based on customer driving data, but optimization is now available through consultations with GR Garage specialists,” the press release adds. 

It remains to be seen whether Toyota Motor Philippines will offer this service in the country, given the GR brand’s current state of establishment in the country. As a prospective service, however, it may come as a welcome product in the aftermarket given that it is tied with the dealerships and from Toyota themselves. The price for such a tune will set GR Yaris owners back close to P60,000 (¥141,400 JPY), but it still remains a Japan-only option for now. 

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