Unioil Petroleum Philippines Inc.

Good news to the environment, Unioil Petroleum Philippines Inc. has introduced its latest Euro 5-compliant fuels in the local market. The new fuel line-up was launched as part of the company's 'Doing Our Part' campaign. 

Part of the activity's effort is to encourage Filipinos to make better decisions in changing the society, especially in choosing a cleaner fuel. The launch made Unioil the first and only retail petroleum brand to introduce advanced and cleaner range of fuels. Of note, Euro 5 fuels have 10 parts per million (ppm) sulfur, which is 5 times less than the Euro 4 fuels. 

According to DENR-EMB's emission test, Unioil's Euro 5 fuels provides 77% less emission compared to the existing standards. This provides motorists better engine performance, while pedestrians get less harmful toxins in their system. That's a plus to the environment.

“People are now becoming conscious about their actions and how it affects society. With our latest campaign, we want to encourage Filipinos to make small yet meaningful decisions that can leave positive and lasting impact to the community.”

Another part of its effort towards a greener Philippines, Unioil put its "Hybrid" station program in operation. The petroleum brand has installed Smartflower solar technology in one of its newly-opened retail station. This type of solar panel is equipped with sun-tracking capability for 40% higher energy efficiency compared to conventional panels.

In addition, Unioil is now also the 1st to have an available electric vehicle charger. This makes the country ready for the coming of more EVs in the market, which makes us even more earth friendly once that happens.

Photo courtesy of Judgefloro.

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