two-faced 1976 Chevrolet K20 Silverado

Imagine you are driving on the highway. Your partner's right next to you, sleeping and snoring. You're left there driving alone and listening to Sound of Silence by Simon & Garfunkel, pretending you're okay. Then you see this truck – a 1976 Chevy K20 Silverado ahead, facing you as if it's driving backwards next to your lane. What do you do next?

a.) Tail it and yell "Oh crap" so loud, like it's the last scream you'll make in your life and wait until your partner freaks out by surprise. (world’s worst boyfriend/girlfriend)

b.) Grab your phone while driving and capture the unusual sight; stop on a lay-by to post it on the internet with a caption saying, "this is so wrong, this may cause an accident." (ironically dangerous) 

c.) Drive next to the pickup truck and commend the driver for a job well done, then drive pass him or wait till he does. (playing the nice guy)

It's just amusing as you could really find people whose minds are ten times more colorful than yours. We mean, who could ever think of welding two front ends of a vehicle back-to-back? Not only that, the driver seats make it even weirder. There's the driver seat facing the right direction and there's this driver seat facing the rear. You'd really be confused upon first glance but thankfully, the owner installed taillights on the rear face instead of regular headlights – how thoughtful.  

Lastly, we're left with one question. How could the driver look so puzzled and confused on why the people around him are checking his ride out? Sir, you're driving a pickup truck without the pickup bed but two pickup faces. We don't even know if calling it a pickup is technically correct. 

Still, this modification is so playful and creative. We've seen upside-down cars before and, now, a two-face vintage pickup – or, should we say a confused pickup truck. How about you? Is this something you'd do to your old car given enough resources and money? We hope not.

Source: YouTube

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