VW Electric Golf Hybrid

Remember the Volkswagen I.D. vehicles that started with the Crozz? Well, it seems like the German marque won’t stop just there and boldly announce that it will electrify its entire vehicle lineup starting next year. More importantly, VW will start with its best-selling model, the Golf.

In a press release by VW, the company said that it will incorporate a mild hybrid system into the eighth-generation Golf. This will be made possible by employing a bigger battery with more capacity – a 48V belt starter generator and 48V battery.

This hybrid system will make cruising at speeds using only its electric motors, which VW said could save up to 0.3L of fuel per 100 kilometers. It also said that the system will increase driving dynamics and comfort using the electric boost when combined with the internal combustion system.

Along with the standard 12V system, the 48V battery enables higher voltage inside the VW vehicles so the belt starter generator system can be used. Also, the significantly higher amount of energy is paired with small cable cross-sections to lessen the weight.

The electrification of conventional powertrains will further reduce fuel consumption and emissions while increasing dynamics and comfort. We are launching this comprehensive electrification offensive with our traditionally most important vehicle - the Golf. Our newly developed and cost-effective 48V mild hybrid thus paves the way for this technology.

The starter generator is the key ingredient in this electrification. It acts as both the alternator and the starter, while also giving the needed torque boost when starting up. The energy is transferred via a belt, and switched off as much as possible during the journey.

The 48V lithium-ion battery, on the other hand, supplies the energy by recuperation, which roughly means that it will send the power back when decelerating. The starter generator and the main 12V system will also receive voltage via a DC converter.

The all-new electrified Golf will be introduced in 2019. The rest of the VW lineup will follow suit, along with its full-electric I.D. cars.

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