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Volkswagen Philippines, in a press conference, has stated that there is a possibility of two more model launches in Q3 and Q4 of 2021. However, the automaker included a disclaimer stating that it could only happen if the right conditions are met for the local automotive market. Despite the said disclaimer, the news sparks excitement with the brand, as these new models could give it the push needed to get a better segment of the market. The automaker didn’t mention any specifics about the models, only stating that they are part of the brand’s global lineup, and start with the letter T. With that in mind, here are our guesses as to what those two models could be.

Aside from the upcoming Volkswagen T-Cross, the German brand could double down on the crossover segment by also launching more models within that category. Given the rise in popularity of crossovers in the Philippines, the automaker could capitalize on this trend to enable it to reach out to more customers in the country. 

That said, Volkswagen could launch the Terramont into the country, as it fits the prerequisites of being a crossover and having a model name that starts with the letter T. The large crossover is ideal for those who want the looks and presence of an SUV, but with the ride comfort and handling of a sedan.

A quick look at the local offerings of Volkswagen Philippines reveals that it has an extensive sedan lineup. It has the Volkswagen Lavida, Volkswagen Lamando, and the Volkswagen Santana as its current offerings. What the automaker could do is further expand this lineup by adding more models to it. Possible additions could include the all-new Volkswagen Polo Plus, the all-new Passat, which was a model sold locally for some time, and the all-new Lavida. While these models don’t start with the letter T, bringing them in is still a likely possibility that could further strengthen the brand’s core of selling affordable and competitive sedans in the Philippines.

Another segment that has also risen in popularity in the local market is the MPV category. Volkswagen Philippines could launch a model to meet this demand by bringing back the Touran. With people still looking at affordable seven-seater vehicles, this could be an ideal model to launch in the country to address that segment. It also fits the requirements of being a model that starts with the letter T.

While all of these models are still tentative, and Volkswagen Philippines has yet to confirm any names or specifications, they are the likeliest candidates that could soon enter the market. However, it is still up to the automaker which new models it will bring in, and when to do so. For now, all we can do is wait and see what the German brand has in store for the Filipinos.

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