Volkswagen T-Cross

Sometimes you know when it's time to get a second car. Your first has served you well over the years, but it feels like it can't take you to the next level in life. You want to go further, but your smaller car isn't right for the job. Road trips with friends are cramped. Stormy weather is a hassle when it floods. 

All of this is what spurred Mary Grace Enriquez and her husband to look for their next vehicle. They wanted a subcompact crossover and knew that there were a lot of options out in the market. They wanted something new and fresh, something not many people have had before, and the Volkswagen T-Cross fit the bill perfectly.

The couple liked what they saw in the T-Cross, but they were still undecided. To help them make the best decision, they sought the help of friends on Facebook. Mary Grace and her husband put the T-Cross side-by-side with a competing crossover. What they saw confirmed what they already knew: Many of their friends liked Volkswagen, mainly due to the German brand's reputation for well-built vehicles.

Volkswagen T-Cross

Now that their friends were on board, there was nothing more to do but see the T-Cross for themselves. The couple prepared for this by reading and watching countless reviews online, but seeing the crossover in the metal was a different experience. The dealership let the couple take the T-Cross for a spin, and after several test drives, the choice was clear.

Mary Grace loved the crossover's safety features, which she says would help her as a newer driver. Her husband enjoyed the interior, which features a leather-fabric seat material and a panoramic sunroof. The 9.2-inch touchscreen infotainment system with Apple CarPlay is a welcome addition as well. Mary Grace's husband also likes the cornering lights, a feature he hasn't experienced with his previous vehicles.

Another thing the couple was amazed by was the after-sales experience from Volkswagen. Maintenance is simple and stress-free, as they only need to take the T-Cross for its periodic maintenance service (PMS) once a year or every 10,000 km. More than that, the warranty period is three years or 100,000 km, whichever comes first. The warranty also covers spare parts for two years.  

Volkswagen T-Cross

With all these perks and features, it makes sense why Mary Grace and her husband chose the T-Cross. The crossover fits their needs today in the future. At a starting price of only P1,098,000, the Volkswagen T-Cross is within reach for many couples in the Philippines.

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