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Producing a variety of pure electric vehicles including medium- and large-sized pure electric SUVs, as well as battery systems, for the SAIC Volkswagen joint-venture under the German brand’s new MEB platform, Volkswagen’s production facility is set to start operation by 2020. Built mainly for its purpose of serving Volkswagen’s e-mobility strategy in China, through its established SAIC Volkswagen venture, the said factory will be located in Anting, Shanghai, specifically. 

The facility is set to incorporate a yearly capacity of up to 300,000 vehicles, and is set to see the production of a Golf-sized vehicle that VW calls as the ID, which is expected to be its first mass-market EV for the model. VW also unveiled its electric sedan, I.D. VIZZION, as well as its crossover all-electric I.D.CROZZ Concept, and the electric microbus, I.D. BUZZ, which should arrive by 2022.  


Spanning a massive area of 610,000 square meters, the facility will incorporate the German brand’s “industry 4.0” approach. Provided a range of technologies which could help achieve an intelligent and digitalized production facility, such as AI, AR and VR. The plant is set to be divided into several function areas, including pressing equipment, battery assembly workshops, as well as an elevated stereoscopic warehouse, a test road, and more. 

As per environmental concerns, the facility also applies environmental-friendly technologies with an approach towards water preservation, energy saving and the reduction of carbon dioxide.

“By building the first factory specifically designed for MEB production, we are opening a new chapter for the Chinese car industry together with our joint venture partner SAIC VOLKSWAGEN. We are strengthening our activities in China’s fast-growing e-mobility market.”

With this all-EV production plant, Volkswagen shall be able to quickly deploy a high volume of EVs in China, given its aggressive electrification goals.

Source: electrek

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