waz tips and insights for valentines

Its that time of the year again where the atmosphere is abuzz with love. With Valentine’s day in full swing and streets are filling up with traffic, Waze wants to help you out. The popular navigation app released a couple of insights and statistics as to where Filipinos spend most of their time on Valentine’s day.

Waze restaurant searches

They say that the key to someone’s heart is through their stomach. According to data from Waze most Filipinos take their dates out for a nice meal on Valentine’s day. The statistics show that there is an increase in searches for food-related locations on February 14 compared to normal days.

Statistics from 2019 indicate that dessert stores made the top of the list for searches done by Filipinos done on February 14. It represents a search increase of 82% versus regular days. Restaurants and fast food joints rank second and third respectively, with 61% and 47%. If you are planning to have a nice dinner at any of these locations expect heavy traffic and limited parking in the area. To help give you an edge you can opt to use the what time to leave options in the app to get there quicker.

Waz mall searches statistics

An alternative to a date at a fancy restaurant is going to the mall. Here you can spend quality time with your significant other through fun activities and experiences. Data from the previous year states that 23% of Filipinos chose to treat their loved ones at the mall date while 31% went out to watch a movie.

If you don’t want to get stuck in traffic and go through the hassle of waiting in parking Waze says you should explore other options. Exploring new destinations or planning an out of town road trip in advance is an alternative method to show your significant other how special they are.

Waze flower shop searches

As it is practically tradition on Valentine’s day flowers are usually given out. These serve as a great way to express one’s love for their significant other. Waze’s statistics show that flower buying is often left to the last minute. According to data from 2019 searches for flower shops and florists grew as Valentine’s day approached. The highest spike in searches came on the day itself. If you want to avoid the hassle and the expense of flowers the navigation app suggests that you hunt for other gift ideas instead of waiting for the last minute.  

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