LTO no plate no travel policy update

The Land Transportation Office (LTO) is now implementing stricter adherence to its No Registration No Travel Policy. The government office has released a new memorandum with regards to the reiteration of the No Registration No Travel Policy which was dated November 10, 2020. This was done in light of a viral video between the Highway Patrol Group (HPG) and an SUV that was found to be traveling without a license plate and a conduction sticker. It is hoped that with stricter implementation and in conjunction with law enforcement this will further curb illegal activities of lawless elements who intentionally use motor vehicles with no license plates to commit crimes. 

LTO new memorandum

Cars found to be traveling without a license plate and without conduction sticker will be flagged down. Vehicles that have a license plate but do not have a conduction sticker will not be flagged down as the plate serves as a form of identification. Vehicles that only have a conduction sticker are also safe provided that the conduction sticker is also represented on the temporary plate. The driver may also provide a sales invoice for the vehicle as well. It is important to note, however, that the invoice is only valid for 7 days with limited travel.

If flagged down the driver of the vehicle will then have to produce the Certificate of Registration and Official Receipt for the vehicle. Fines and other penalties under Republic Act 4136 will be subjected to the driver of the vehicle if these documents cannot be produced. The LTO states that this will be done without prejudice to the liability of the concerned manufacturer, assembler, importer, and dealer. 

The LTO has also notified car dealerships and reiterated the Administrative Order (AO) 83AO-DIR-001 as well with regards to the issuance and use of motor vehicle conduction stickers. The AO provides that conduction stickers attached to a motor vehicle shall be valid until the same is sold and delivered to the end-user. The end-user must then register the vehicle within 7-days from the date of delivery. The government body also suggests that prior to the release of a brand new vehicle, car owners must be briefed on these new policies and that they should be advised to coordinate with authorities when told to do so.

Car dealerships found violating the aforementioned guidelines will be subject to appropriate administrative action in accordance with the existing policies, rules, and regulations. 

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