Ford maintenance

Owning a vehicle doesn’t end with buying the car. The experience extends to after-sales service and maintenance, which entails having to return to the dealership more than once a year to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape. 

However, Ford Philippines wants to lower the out-of-pocket expenses for its customers at a different pace for its scheduled maintenance.

The company recently launched the new Everest with a new engine and transmission. With this new upgrade came a new servicing schedule. While lucky customers who bought the car during the 2019 Ford Island Conquest got a free 5-year periodic maintenance service plan, there’s an added bonus to this.

Ford PH is implementing a new servicing schedule – the Everest and Ranger no longer need to be serviced on a twice-a-year interval. You read that right, the ladder-frame twin only needs to be serviced once a year, including the Ranger Raptor. The company is doing this so that customers can enjoy lower service maintenance costs and for a better ownership experience.

Ford Everest Engine bay

The new Ford Everest comes with the same 2.0-liter Biturbo and single turbo engines, both mated to a 10-speed transmission, as with the Ranger and Ranger Raptor. In sharing the same engine across key models in its lineup, maintenance and parts costs much cheaper for these models. This is because sharing parts will help the company reduce spending on model-specific parts. 

Last year the Blue Oval also released a statement in which the company wants to help the customer lower their vehicle ownership costs. This is important to Ford as keeping a competitive cost of ownership is just as important to the company as launching a new model.

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