Volkswagen Touran

With its taller ride height, longer wheelbase, and more spacious interior, MPVs make an ideal family car. The Volkswagen Touran is one of the desirable MPV that is locally available because it combines both form and function.

Performance-wise, the Touran didn’t disappoint with its 2.0L diesel engine that is capable of producing 108 hp and 280 Nm mated to a 6-speed DSG transmission. It has a light steering feel which makes it easy to maneuver tight turns and narrow roads. As for the suspension, the Touran showed adaptability on different terrain and it managed to absorb the country’s uneven road surface within reason, giving a comfortable ride. 

On the other hand, the engine shifts smoothly with relatively minimum lag – allowing you to overtake slower vehicles with good measure. In terms of fuel economy, this Touran registered 19.6 km/l while running at an average speed of 80 km/h in SLEX.

Overall, the Touran is a vehicle that is designed to combine both form and function to transport a family of 5 or 7 without compromising comfort, performance, and cargo space.

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Check out AutoDeal's video review of the Volkswagen Touran below.

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