2019 Hyundai Veloster Turbo Interior and Cargo Space

The 2019 Hyundai Veloster Turbo is a versatile hatchback that can be both sporty and comfy. While its tech and safety features match its asking price, its interior design and quality are still in question, which is the very topic of this in-depth review.

At almost P1,798,000, the Veloster is expected to have all the bells and whistles when it comes to its interior amenities – and it does. Here’s a closer look.

The 2019 Veloster’s cabin is part-sporty and part-typical passenger car, and that’s mainly because of what its interior can offer. Yes, it has a driver-centric dashboard layout, but the car’s overall comfort says otherwise. First off, great air conditioning. The huge air vents allow a quick cool down of the cabin and even without rear air vents, passengers at the back get enough air for a cozy ride.

It’s also an all-leather affair in the cabin that’s soft to the eyes and touch. The red accents and textured plastics accounts to the car’s sporty flair, while the driver’s bucket seat has enough support for sporty drives, but not to the point of comprising seating comfort. Overall, the designers of the Veloster have ergonomics and repose in mind when making this car.

But, it’s a bit of a different story at the back While the seats are comfy and well-bolstered, taller individuals would need to compromise with its smaller space. Again, a product of design, which is kind of inevitable since it’s a sporty hatchback.

Only two passengers are allowed at the back since the seats are semi bucket-type and the midsection has two cupholders.

By default, the trunk area of the Veloster is a bit shallow. It can fit a two-fold standard-sized stroller but you have to remove the trunk lid. After that, only two to three grocery bags could follow. If you need more space, the rear backrest can be folded in 60:40 fashion but that’s at the expense of two passengers.

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