2022 Chevrolet Tracker LT Redline Review

The crossover segment in the Philippine market has become the new battleground for automakers as more and more entries are flooding in. Another competitor wants to join in the fray to take on the more established offerings in the form of the 2022 Chevrolet Tracker LT Redline. This new subcompact crossover from the Golden Bowtie brand brings with its stylish good looks, a great set of features that many will enjoy along with a powerful yet fuel-efficient engine.

With that said, we will take a closer look at what the vehicle has to offer in terms of its features inside and out, as well as how its new engine fairs in real-world driving conditions in this review of the 2022 Chevrolet Tacker in its LT Redline trim. 

3.8 / 5
2022 Chevrolet Tracker LT Redline Review
Engine Output (HP), Acceleration, Transmission, Handling
Exterior & Interior Design, Quality, Fit and Finish, Ergonomics
Ride Comfort
Cabin Comfort, Suspension, NVH Insulation
Safety and Technology
Convenience Technologies, Active and Passive Safety Features
Value for Money
Amount of the vehicle you get for the price, Fuel Efficiency
What You Will Like
  • Power on demand thanks to the turbo
  • Fuel efficient 1.0-liter gasoline engine
  • Good NVH
What You Won't Like
  • Transmission is sluggish in manual mode
  • No Android Auto
How We Do Our Reviews

Starting with the outside, the crossover immediately gives you a Camaro-like look. This is evident in its headlight design along with how its front fascia is sculpted. Its angular and chiseled bumper houses the signal lights which are positioned right below its futuristic and angular headlights which come with projector halogens. At the center, it gets a  black large grille with red accents that only has slats towards the center to funnel air into the vehicle. It also comes with blacked-out badging giving it a differentiating feature from the regular Tracker. 

Moving onto the side of the crossover and you get fluid and well-sculpted lines along with body cladding to tie things together for a tougher look. It also sports a unique set of wheels that are blacked-out and come with a red accent. While some may not like it, it does do the job of indicating that you are driving a special version of the Chevrolet Tracker.

At the rear, the Tracker comes with an average-looking rear. It comes with a solid tailgate that is flanked on either side by LED headlights. It does come with some red accents on its “Tracker” badging which gives it a nice 3-D effect. While the crossover doesn’t have much of an exciting design at the rear, it is functional and does well to match with its other design elements. 

Chevrolet Tracker interior

Onto the interior of the Chevrolet Tracker, you are first greeted by its nicely sculpted dashboard that comes in a wave pattern. The center console which houses its infotainment system is pushed forward and is angled towards the driver giving them better control. The gauge cluster and the passenger side of the dashboard are more recessed giving the vehicle a roomier feel. 

The Tracker also comes with an automatic climate control system that is easy to use thanks to its large buttons and dials. It is important to note that the crossover also comes with power-adjustable sport seats, however, these only function to move them forwards and backward as well as to move them down or up. The backrest of the seat itself needs to be adjusted manually which we found to be an odd feature of the vehicle. Aside from this the crossover also comes with a panoramic sunroof that helps give the cabin an airier feel thanks to the natural light that it brings in. 

Chevrolet Tracker Climate controls

One quirk that we noticed with the crossover is that its locking mechanism isn’t found on the door sidings of the vehicle. Instead, it is found on the center console just above the climate controls and infotainment system. While this may take time to get used to, it will soon become second nature once you get used to it. 

In the second row, space is great for smaller passengers. Taller occupants might find the seating position a little bit cramped as the room of the Tracker starts to slope downward in that location. It also doesn’t help that the sunroof support can also restrict the headroom as well.

Chevrolet Tracker cargo area

Cargo space at the rear of the Tracker is also great. While it may initially seem small the flooring of the cargo area can be lowered to give you 390 liters worth of space with the second row up. If you fold the second row down, space increases inside the crossover to a little more than 1,300-liters of space. All in all a generous amount of room for a subcompact crossover. 

Chevrolet Tracker comfort

In terms of comfort, the Chevrolet Tracker gives you a very pliant and restrained ride. While a few bumps may make their way into the cabin, the suspension does well to keep them at bay. It also helps that the bolstering of the front or rear of the seat is well made further adding to the comfort of the vehicle. The leather material is soft enough to keep you comfortable yet supportive enough to keep you in place while driving or riding the vehicle.

The NVH is also great, however, some wind noise does make its way into the cabin of the Tracker past 100km/h. Engine noise is kept to a minimum as the 1.0-liter turbo 3-cylinder hums along quietly at high gear.

Chevrolet Tracker infotainment system philippines

The Chevrolet Tracker carries a good amount of technology with it. Starting with its infotainment system, the crossover comes with an 8-inch Chevrolet Mylink touchscreen that comes with Apple CarPlay. Sorry Android users but you will just have to make do with its Bluetooth and USB connectivity. Speaking of USB connectivity, the Tracker also comes with USB charging ports in the second row making it easier for everyone to charge their devices. 

Aside from these features, the Tracker comes with a reverse camera to make maneuvering the vehicle much easier. It also has a digital trip computer that displays your fuel economy as well. One thing to note is that there is a bit of a learning curve to using its trip computer as its controls differ from what you would normally find in crossovers of its segment. To operate its trip computer you will need to use its stalk-mounted controls which can be confusing at first to use but becomes easier once you have familiarised yourself with how it works. 

Chevrolet Tracker safety

In terms of safety, the Chevrolet Tracker comes with a good amount of technology. It comes with a driver, passenger, and side airbags as standard for all models along with parking sensors at the rear, and the standard ABS with EBD. It also comes with brake assist, traction control, a panic brake assist, cornering brake control, engine drag control, roll-over mitigation, and enhanced understeer control. Overall these features and more make driving the vehicle safer and more manageable.

Chevrolet Tracker driving

Under the hood, the Chevrolet Tracker packs a 1.0-liter turbocharged gasoline engine that produces 116 hp and 175 Nm of torque. While these figures may not seem like much especially compared to its competition, it can easily rocket the subcompact crossover to highway speeds in a matter of seconds. 

With its peppy engine, the Tracker delivers a smooth and linear drive with a bit of a bump in acceleration towards the middle of its rev range. This is where the turbo comes alive and helps push the crossover forward. The transmission if left alone with shift smoothly and do its job well, however, if you enter manual mode using its shifter buttons which requires you to shift to “L” to use it, you will notice a delay when shifting up or down. As not many people will probably use this feature, leaving it in Drive and letting the transmission do its thing will give you the best results.

The safety features that come with the Tracker also aid in its handling. The understeer mitigation works well to keep the can controllable and when it starts to skid the traction control comes online giving you back grip. You will feel how the system applies the brakes to each wheel individually giving you back control of your car. 

When it comes to stopping the car the Tracker is a bit of a mixed bag. The braking force is there, however, the brake feel can be a bit concerning as the point at which the brakes start to bite is slightly lower than that of other crossovers. While this may seem a little bit scary once you get used to how the brakes feel it becomes second nature and you will soon be able to easily modulate the brakes. 

Chevrolet Tracker enginebay

In terms of fuel economy, this is where the Chevrolet Tracker shines. In the city, the crossover was able to get 10 km/L which is great especially for its 1.0-liter motor. On the highway, it was a similar case with the Tracker doing about 18 km/L at an average speed of about 90 km/h. Overall the Tracker produces great fuel efficiency figures that put it on par or just above its competition.

Chevrolet Tracker rear

The Chevrolet Tracker LT Redline is priced at P1,242,888, which puts it right in the sweet spot of the subcompact crossover segment. With its price, it faces stiff competition against the likes of the Geely Coolray, MG ZST, and the Ford Territory. This puts the crossover in a sticky situation as some of its competitors are more affordable and also come with more features at their disposal. What sets the Tracker apart from its competitors is its engine technology that will give you great fuel efficiency numbers as well as its design.

While it can be a little pricey for some consumers, the Chevrolet Tracker gives you a well-rounded package. It comes with many of the features interested buyers have come to expect from its segment and comes with a fuel-efficient engine that many will appreciate. While the crossover has a few quirks that will take time to get used to it’s still a great buy for those looking for a balanced crossover. 

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