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Commuting can be physically draining. There’s the hassle of taking multiple PUVs just to get to and from the destination, waiting in line so you can squeeze yourself to an already crowded train, and chasing a bus only to find out that there is no seat left. 

We all endure these on a daily basis, which leads most of us say, “I wish I had a car.” In light of this, here are 5 possible signs you should get a car.

Feeling the need for faster and more relaxed travel

Tricycles, jeepneys, and busses follow a fixed route with frequent or mandatory stops, making the trip long and exhausting. As a result, you arrive either late, tired, or both.

With navigation-ready models like the Honda City 1.5 VX Navi CVT, you have the freedom to take shortcuts that could cut your travel time. You can also count on apps like Waze or the official MMDA app to guide you in selecting the quickest and least traffic-congested routes to your destination.  

Fed up with costly commutes

These days, people spend so much money on public transport. Some even have to take multiple PUV rides just to go to work. For example; Sta. Ana Manila to Taguig costs P30 or more for 2 long jeepney rides (from PNR Paco station to Guadalupe and from Guadalupe to Market! Market! and BGC). Calling a cab or Uber may provide some convenience, but they often present high rates, especially on rush hours.

Tired of LRT/MRT congestion

The passenger volume on these mass-transport systems swells up rapidly, especially on morning and afternoon rush hours. If you’re battling for that last few inches of space inside the train and constantly worrying about your belongings getting stolen, maybe it’s time to consider getting a car.

Concerned about commuting risks

Although there are still risks when driving your own car, you can feel more secured that you’re the driver, you decide where to go or what to do when you sense something wrong is happening. You can also choose who to bring along like your trusted friends or loved ones.

Feeling the need to boost income

Some people are interested to join ride-sharing app companies because of the promise of additional income. Don’t have a car yet? You can refer to our 3 Brand New Vehicles You Can Use For Your Uber Venture.

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