MG HS Trophy

The MG HS is one of the brand’s latest vehicles to join the local automotive market. It joins MG Philippines’ extensive lineup of crossover slotting right above the MG ZS-T and the MG RX-5. It brings familiar yet international styling to the table, a great feature set, and much more. With its rivals ever evolving and the competition being fierce, how does the MG HS stack up? What makes it different from the rest?

We answer that and much more with 5 things we like about the MG HS and explain why it stands out in the sea of crossovers in the Philippine market. It may not be the latest version of the HS in the country but it does have what it takes to be a game changer for the brand in the local setting. 

MG HS Trophy exterior rear quarter

Chinese cars have come a long way from what they were in the early 2000s, the MG HS along with other notable crossovers from the same country have proven themselves to be better than what they used to be and can even challenge your perception of vehicles “made in China.” Its design is a good mix of some European and Japanese design elements that go with the old “less is more” and it shows on the simple and curved surfaces of the MG HS. The crossover looks great with even the minor details being able to stand out well in the overall design of the vehicle. This starts with the headlights and even extends to the large grille of the vehicle.

Overall, it's a far cry from the older designs of previous vehicles made in China and we dare say it can keep up with the international market in terms of its looks. MG has done well to style the vehicle while keeping it at a competitive level.

MG HS interior dashboard

The words budget and premium typically don’t mix but in the case of the MG HS, they seem to work well together. Let us explain. See the HS is positioned in the more affordable segment of the compact crossover market in the Philippines as it fights the likes of the Ford Territory. However, MG Philippines has done well with the specifications of the crossover to give it a more premium interior. You can find this with the leather and soft-touch plastics that can be found around the cabin. It feels like you are getting more than your money’s worth about the interior of the vehicle. Everything feels like it is made with high-quality plastics and other choice materials, which is great if you are looking for “premium without the expensive price tag.”

The seats are comfortable and supportive but at the same time manage to give you a sporty vibe with how it cradles you. It after all a bucket seat-like design which is an interesting choice for a crossover more geared toward comfort. Regardless of this, it's a balance for the MG HS between comfort and sporty which are two things most car buyers look for in their next vehicles.

MG HS engine bay

While in other markets, the MG HS comes with a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine that produces 230hp and 360 Nm of torque. We get a 1.5-liter turbo motor that produces 166 hp and 250 Nm of torque. While the 2.0-liter can rocket the crossover to 100km/h in around 7.5 seconds, the 1.5-liter isn’t bad as it can do the 0 to 100km/h sprint in under 10 seconds (9.81 seconds). The locally available seven-speed TST gearbox is also decent and functions in the same manner as a DCT. Shifting and power delivery are great which are more than enough to get the 5-seater crossover up to speed fairly quickly.

MG HS exterior front quarter

The MG HS is one of the bigger vehicles you can get in its segment. It measures 4,574 mm in length, 1,876 mm in width, and 1,664 mm in height. While it isn’t the largest available, it beats out the likes of the Corolla Cross in terms of size, it also beats out the Ford Territory which is slightly larger than it in terms of the wheelbase. This means that there is more space in between the wheels for the cabin leading to more room inside.

Its price point is also close to the subcompact segment with it only being slightly more expensive than the Geely Coolray and well below the Kia Seltos. It's also priced more competitively than the Ford Territory with better execution for its features. The MG HS is in a nice middle ground when it comes to pricing and features that will attract buyers who want something bigger than a subcompact crossover but don’t have the budget for something more expensive. 

MG HS infotainment system

The MG HS in terms of technology has a lot to offer. This begins with its 10.1-inch infotainment system that comes with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as standard. It continues with a 12.3-inch inch virtual driver information center which displays all the information you need to know about the car. It also displays the various drive modes you can shift to as well. Aside from this it also comes with a power liftgate which can be adjusted to open at different angles. Other key features include a center stack trim that comes with light color adjustment, a center glovebox with cooling, paddle shifters with a super sport button, and automatic climate control. For added safety, the crossover also has a 360-degree camera, a tire pressure monitoring system, blind spot monitoring, rear cross-traffic alert, and ISOFIX mountings.

Overall you do get what you pay for with the MG HS crossover. While it doesn’t sport the latest and most futuristic technology, it comes with the industry standard that many car buyers are looking for in their next vehicle. It has the convenience of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, the ease of maneuverability thanks to the 360-degree camera, and multiple driving modes to help liven up your commute or drive out of town. It's a balanced feature set for the vehicle and its size is ideal for those who want something a little bit more comfortable but aren’t willing to pay more than P1.4 million and above.

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