5 things that make the innova a great family car choice

The Toyota Innova has a long and storied history leading all the way back to the Tamaraw FX. The early version of the people mover became popular for its flexibility and capacity. In its current form, the Innova is a 7-seater MPV. It ditched the mom van look of the previous generation and went with a more angular design and sportier design. 

Here are the 5 things that make the Innova a popular choice among Filipino families.

Toyota innova exterior engine bay press photo

Who doesn’t like power? This MPV now has the same engine as its bigger SUV counterpart the Fortuner – the diesel power plant that produces 168 hp and 360 Nm of torque. These numbers are more than enough to get the large 7-seater people mover going. You also have two modes to choose from. Eco mode if you want to be thrifty on the diesel or Power mode if you want the most that turbo diesel can offer. On top of this, the diesel variant comes with the synonymous fuel efficiency that Filipinos approve of.

Toyota innova V interior press photo

Seats for the whole family – while the MPV doesn’t have a leather option for seating material it does come with rugged fabric options. These come in either black or light brown depending on the variant. While it is true that fabric is harder to clean compared to leather, what you can’t deny is that despite the downside it still gets a lot of seating flexibility in a compact form factor. With all the seats up there is still ample room for cargo at the back.

Who doesn’t need to store cups or bottles of water when the family is around? The Innova has 13 cup and bottle holders. That’s four shy of the Avanza coming in with 17. The cup holders near the front air vents do get the benefit of staying cool thanks to the air-conditioning.

Toyota innova interior folding trays

For a family vehicle, chances are you will be going through drive-thrus a lot. The Innova has got you covered with the inclusion of folding trays found at the back of the front seats. They let the kids or passengers in the second-row eat without the need to continually hold onto their food

It is also strong enough to hold up a laptop. Mobile office space anyone?

Toyota Innova touring sport interior road test

The Innova has many variants available with price tags ranging from P1,025,000 to P1,694,000. From the rugged and more utilitarian J trim, all the way to the more premium V spec, the Innova has got you covered. It has the ability to fit almost any budget. While features are only available for certain trim levels, what remains is the flexible seating and rear folding seats. The vehicle can easily adapt to when you need to carry cargo or when you need to carry people.

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