7 sedans for first time drivers

When it comes to owning and driving your first car, nothing is more daunting than having to mauver around a large expensive vehicle that doesn’t come with the proper driving aids. This is why we created a shortlist of sedans that are ideal for those first getting into driving. These vehicles are not only compact but are easy to maneuver as well. They also come at affordable price points and with the right kind of driver assistance features that make the vehicle easier to park. In order for the vehicle to make it onto the list, it needs to come with at least reverse sensors or a reverse camera as standard from the factory. The list is also in no particular order.

Kia Soluto

One of the more affordable offerings on this list is the Kia Soluto. It comes with a unique proposition as it can be had for under P760,000 and comes with a good number of standard features that make the sedan easy to drive. You will be happy to know that even its entry-level model comes with a reverse camera as well as reverse sensors. Sensors are only available for the EX models, but the reverse camera is standard for the entire model lineup. Kia Philippines also has an extensive parts catalog at the ready in case spare parts are needed. The South Korean automaker has even gotten a new logistics partner that can deliver parts from across the globe to the Philippines within 7-days, so parts availability isn’t an issue. 

Volkswagen Santana MPI SE AT

The Volkswagen Santana is an affordable German sedan that offers interested customers the option of owning a European vehicle without breaking the bank. While it doesn’t come with too many flashy features it gets the basics done right and its compact dimensions make it an easy car to get used to. Viewing angles are great, giving the driver a good view of what’s around the vehicle. Topping it off, the sedan also comes with reverse sensors making it easier to maneuver or park. While it may not come with a reverse camera it is still a note worth addition to the list.

2020 Mazda2 sedan

One of the only sedans to make it onto the list with one variant available is the Mazda2 sedan. While it does come very close to the P1,000,000 you still do get a lot of value for money especially when it comes to its features and maneuverability. Not only is the Mazda2 compact but it also comes with a reverse camera and reverses sensors as well. This makes it ideal for those looking to get a quality vehicle that also comes with hits of performance that Mazda has been known for.

2019 Suzuki Ciaz

Another offering from a Japanese brand is the Suzuki Ciaz. If you are looking for a sedan that comes with a good amount of space but is still easy to maneuver then this is it. While it’s not as technologically advanced as its other competitors it gets the basics done right as it comes standard with reverse sensors. A useful feature to have especially if you need to maximize the parking space of your vehicle on a daily basis.

MG 5 Alpha

A notable entry onto the list is the MG 5. The British-inspired sedan offers a lot to its prospective buyers and to first-time drivers as well. For its higher variants, the sedan comes with reverse sensors as well as a 360-degree camera. This gives new drivers an edge as they can utilize this feature to get a better view of their surroundings, especially while parking. For its lower variants, on the other hand, parking sensors come as standard along with a regular rearview camera.

2021 Toyota Vios GR-S Red

Up next is the venerable Toyota Vios. While it is slightly in the expensive range especially for these budget-oriented sedans, the higher-end models are well equipped and come with all the basic features one might need to help them drive a car. For its G and GR-S models, the humble sedan comes equipped with a reverse camera as well as back sensors. Couple this with the Japanese brand’s great reliability and you have yourself a vehicle that can last for years and is also easy to maintain.

2021 Honda City RS CVT

Another Japanese entry onto the list is the Honda City. While it leans a little towards the more expensive side especially with other options on the list being below the P1,000,000 it does come with a reverse camera along with a host of other features that make the vehicle easy to drive. It also matches its other competitors on the list in terms of entertainment features as it too comes with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. It is important to note that only the V and RS models of the Honda City come with the reverse camera. 

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