8 freebies you can get when buying a new car

When shopping for a brand new car, the best deals aren’t simply limited to the lowest downpayment or biggest discount. Sometimes you can go a little further by contacting different dealerships, through AutoDeal.com.ph, and ask for extra freebies.

Talking to several sales executives, we asked what else they can offer on top of the standard key chain, umbrella, seat covers, floor matting, and window tints to close a sale. It’s their way to make an already sweet deal even sweeter. But do take note that you’ll need to haggle your way through to get what you want. Different brands also have varying offers and policies when it comes to throwing things in for free. Just remember to be creative and don’t be afraid to ask.

To give you an idea, here are 8 of the most popular freebies you can get from the dealership when buying a new car.


1.  A Tank of Fuel

Ranging from 5L all the way to a full tank, some dealers are nice enough to fill up your brand new car with fuel instead of giving it to you empty.

2.  Car Cover

Regardless if you have an indoor or outdoor garage, having a car cover is an ideal way of preserving your car’s paint. This accessory costs only a few hundred Pesos and should be easy to claim.

3.  Early Warning Device (EWD)

Having an early warning device is mandated by RA 4136 - Land Transportation and Traffic Code. This kit is a necessity every time drivers need to stop on the side of the road to change a tire or during an emergency.

4.  Car Care Kit

Depending on the dealership, you might be able to get items such as car shampoo, sponge, microfiber cleaning cloth, chamois, and tire black to help you keep your car looking new and fresh.

5.  Rain Guard/Visor

Installed on the driver and passenger side windows, this accessory can help prevent water drip into your car with the windows down. Plus, some think it looks good.

6.  Reverse/Backup Sensor

The invention of reverse sensors help new drivers back up into parking slots with ease. If you are intending to purchase a big car or something that has limited rear view, try to asking for this accessory. But you might have to pay extra if the price exceeds their allowable giveaway budget.

7.  Rustproofing

Some manufacturers have their cars already rust proofed straight from the factory. Yet some owners do love to take an extra layer of protection, especially when you live on areas where flooding is a common event during the rainy season.

8.  1K and/or 5K Preventive Maintenance Service (PMS) Vouchers

Getting free Preventive Maintenance Service (PMS) vouchers is a steal. Brands such as Volkswagen and Mazda offer between 2 to 3 years worth of free PMS as standard, but others only offer this for the first 1,000 km and/or 5,000 km check-up.

BONUS: AutoDeal.com.ph Freebie

If you purchase a brand new car through AutoDeal.com.ph, please let us know and give us a feedback on your experience. Because if you do, we have a thank you gift waiting for you.

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