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Driving used to be a man’s thing. But, in this time and age, we – women – have proven successful in breaking the stereotypes. Gone are the days when we were flagged with the “Fragile” sign - those days when we were taught that we shouldn’t do what guys would normally do. You know, climb the trees, hop on a motorcycle, or even initiate a marriage proposal . Or, in my case here, drive!

But, why do we exert tremendous effort in learning the art of driving when we can just wait for our carriage to come by? Is it really worthy of enrolling for months of sessions in driving school, trying to understand how to step on the accelerator, control the gear and follow the traffic signs?

Why go through all the troubles? Do women really have fun sitting behind the wheels? I say, yass, we do! And, here are the eight reasons why.

Reason No. 1: Life, as a woman, becomes more convenient when we know how to drive.

Learning how to drive is the first step to owning our (dream) car. And, admit it. Driving our own car is far more convenient than hailing a cab, booking for a Grab, or having someone wait for us. More so, imagine never having to climb the stairs of MRT while wearing three-inch heels. Sweet!

Reason No. 2: The driver is the boss.

Are you tired of following your father, brother, boyfriend or husband when they’re in control of the wheels? Well, girls, we can turn this around if we know how to drive. Take note though that whoever is sitting behind the wheel needs to focus in carrying the huge responsibility of bringing every passenger safe to the destination. Tough? Yes, but who wouldn’t want to be the boss? We can command the itinerary, drive through the routes that please us, control the music to listen to, and make every passenger follow our (car) rules.

Reason No. 3: Driving allows us to save time.

We own our time when we drive our own car. Trust me, when you know how to drive, it’s possible to run to a meeting, drive kids to school (or, if you’re single, offer carpool with officemates), get that must-have cup of Starbucks in the morning, and put that makeup before hitting the office

Reason No. 4: Driving can make women ecstatic.

The adrenaline rush we feel when we’re in control of the wheel is much, much, stronger than eating three Snickers in one go. Girls drive for the plain and simple reason that we love the act of driving as much as the guys do. And, car girls exist! We get excited to spend our hard-earned money on our car’s side skirts rather than shopping for our own skirts. Instead of cute guys, we rather check out and adore smoking hot cars. Okay, I take that back, maybe a glance or two on cute guys, too.

Reason No. 5: Learning how to drive also means getting a new BFF.

As mentioned, knowing how to drive is the first step to owning a car. They’re not ‘just a car’. We treat them as our baby, a bestfriend, and a potentially long-time partner. They’re reliable, cool, smart, and they can keep secrets. We can sing our broken hearts out and rant about our bad hair day, while we’re stuck in traffic, and this four-wheeled buddy won’t complain. Oh, the perks of driving!

Reason No. 6: We can wander anywhere, with anyone, at anytime.

Being a driver paves the way for us to do the things that we want. #Freedom! It even leads us to a more adventurous and active lifestyle. Weekend barkada getaway, long drives at night, food trips, and soul searching from all the over-thinking that we do? Name it, we can do that whenever we want, as far as the car can take us.

Reason No. 7: Taking over the wheels gives us a sense of accomplishment.

One bucket list item, checked! Getting our own license is something that every (legit) driver should brag about. Just imagine all the tests that we passed – graduating from student driving adds a milestone in your life, marking us with maturity and independence. Such an accomplishment is a real confidence booster!

Reason No. 8: Knowing how to drive is a useful skill that can even save lives.

Other than a skill you can add in your CV or a skill that can make you earn extra money (say Uber), driving is a skill that we can use in cases of emergencies. We can rush a family to the hospital, be the designated driver of our drunken friends, or run for personal errands especially when we’re out of supply of Whisper, and when midnight hunger strikes.


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