ways to show love to your car

Your car has done a lot for you – from being the commuter vehicle and family car, all the way to being the weekend warrior. It brings you through the slowest of traffic and through varying weather conditions. It may even be a witness of several life-changing moments, such as a breakup, graduation, or a promotion at work. In other words, your car is more than just a mobility tool; it’s a companion and a loyal steed.

Your personal vehicle right now may not even be your first, but it’s still worthy of a little bit of pampering from time to time. Here are eight ways that you can show your appreciation and bring back those love-at-first-sight moments – just in time for the love month.

carwash stock photo black

Your car goes through a lot each day. It deals with traffic, dust, and dirt. These take a toll on your car’s paint as it slowly degrades over time. Take some time to take care of your vehicle’s paint because If your car looks good, you will feel good too.

A nice car wash will do wonders for the looks of your car. It will help bring the shine back to an old coat of paint. You can even opt to go the extra mile and add protective coats to lock-in that clean look. Wax, ceramic, and diamond coatings will all help in not only making sure your paint remains shiny and new but in protecting it as well. When all is said and done, your car will be looking like the first day you drove it off the dealership lot. 

generic car interior

Your car’s interior should be as clean as the outside, too, so why not give your car an interior detailing as well. Whether it’s dust or bread crumbs from your breakfast drive-thrus, your car’s cabin can become a cesspool of different kinds of filth.

Getting your interior detailed will not only make it look good for your passengers but it will result in a nice environment to be in. You can also opt to have the engine bay detailed as well. Parts perform better when clean and really, no one likes looking at a dirty engine. At the end of the day, you’d be surprised how a proper interior detailing job can make your vehicle look like the first time you got it.

replacement clutch kit

Another way to show love to your car is by replacing old damaged bits. These can be anything from damaged air vents all the way to other minor parts. Replacing these small bits can revitalize an interior making everything like new again. The same can be said for exterior parts such as bumpers with scratches or cracked light housings and even consumable parts. 

car change oil dip stick

Oil is the lifeblood of your engine. It keeps the parts nicely lubricated and ready to perform. It also comes with the added benefit of cleaning your car’s engine in the process, lengthening the life of your engine and giving you a better fuel economy. Give your car a fresh set of fluids as a sign of appreciation for its hard work.

where rubber meets the road

Just like how shoes can help accessorize an outfit and enhance athletic performance, the same can be said for a good set of wheels and tires. In Valentine’s month spirit, give your vehicle a nice boost in looks with a new set of wheels and tires. A new set of tires can not only improve your vehicle’s handling but it can also improve ride quality. It is, after all your contact patch with the road.

Original aftermarket wheels can also benefit your car’s performance. Wider wheels can accommodate wider tires which result in a better contact pact with the road. They can even make your vehicle stand out in a crowd with multiple colors and design options at your disposal.

car cabin air fliter

Air filters are important as they are the first line of defense for your vehicle and for you as well. The filters help prevent dust and debris from entering your car’s engine and into the cabin. Once these clogged up, they lose their efficiency. 

Make sure to replace these regularly, not only will your car thank you but so will your lungs.

keeping your trunk clean

Another way of appreciation for your vehicle is by cleaning out the trunk. A car’s trunk is no doubt a useful storage place. But keeping too many things in the trunk will make the car heavy and take away from space when you need it most. Clear the clutter away but keep important things like tools, water, and coolant. These will be handy in case of an emergency.

car spark plug

Just like in long term relationships, the spark can often die down. That’s why it’s important to keep the partnership between you and your car going by checking the battery and spark plugs (for gasoline-powered cars). 

If there is no spark, then your car won’t run. Over time your spark plugs will get dirty and lose their efficiency. A dirty sparkplug can not only affect your fuel economy but in rare cases, it can even cause a misfire. It’s important to check these regularly and replace them when needed. 

The same can be said for your vehicle’s battery. Over time a car battery will lose charge, this will result in hard starts or worse a dead battery. Having the battery checked regularly will prevent you from the hassle of being stranded and waiting for a replacement to arrive.

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