2017 Mazda CX-5 NVH

Aside from a well-penned exterior design, ride comfort is one aspect that separates good from noteworthy cars. With this, Mazda dedicates a lot of effort in making their cars as ‘comfy’ as possible. While having a great suspension setup could deliver a better ride comfort, there’s this one area that introduces the concept luxury to every car – cabin acoustics.

However, to keep us on the same page, we’re not talking about the all-new CX-5’s sound system when we say cabin acoustics (though the CX-5 is integrated with a Bose set-up). What we mean by cabin acoustics is the level of quietness while you’re onboard the all-new CX-5.

Cabin acoustics is a term used when referring to Noise, Vibration, and Harshness, or NVH. This is a measure of the following: (1) noise levels in the car; (2) vibration, and (3) harshness of the ride while driving.

With that in mind, Mazda gave the utmost attention to further improve the all-new CX-5’s NVH. The Japanese brand’s engineers focused on reducing the road, wind, and tire noise when driving at high speed.

To tone down road noise, engineers worked on suppressing the resonance between suspension parts as well as the energy transmitted to the cabin from the body panels. By doing a detailed analysis of the vehicle, Mazda tweaked the shape of necessary parts to minimize vibration.      

In addition, Mazda applied sealants to the gaps between the CX-5’s body panels to reduce the amount of road noise penetrating the cabin. The all-new CX-5 also features additional rubber seals in the doors further reducing road and wind noise at speed. As a result, the all-new CX-5 promises that all occupants can have a stress-free conversation while on the road. 

The aerodynamics of the CX-5 also contributed to its quieter cabin. With the revamped door mirrors, A-Pillar, and redesigned wiper layout, Mazda claims that airflow is smoother as compared to the older model.

Overall, Mazda went on full assault in making the CX-5 even better. With its striking exterior, upscale interior, and improved NVH, the all-new CX-5 embodies the new breed of luxury

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