Filipinos are least 'Tank-ful' for the fuel economy of cars

Did you fill up your tank yet? The recent satisfaction survey conducted by AutoDeal among Filipino car owners has raised the most common concern these days among Filipinos: fuel economy, which received the lowest satisfaction rating at an average of 4.25 stars. 

Fuel Economy

Despite satisfaction with their cars' overall style, comfort, and interior, which earned higher scores, Filipino car owners are least pleased with their vehicles' fuel economy. Let's break down the possible reasons why.

The quality of the roads also affects how much gas a car uses. The condition of Philippine roads can be harsh on vehicles, especially outside major cities. When roads are bumpy or filled with holes, cars need more power to get through, and that means they use more fuel. Driving over rough roads, which is common in many parts of the country, forces cars to adjust constantly, leading to higher fuel use.

As an oil-importing country, any disruptions in supply, changes in exchange rates, or international market trends can cause local fuel prices to spike. The government watches these changes, but it is the car owners who must deal with the higher prices when buying gas. The constant fuel price fluctuations can make it hard for families to allocate a budget for how much they'll spend on gas each week.


Anyone driving in Metro Manila knows the daily battle: vehicles inch forward in traffic, burning fuel without really getting anywhere. They spend a lot of time stuck, using up gas but not moving much. When cars are in stop-and-start traffic, engines run for longer periods and end up using more fuel, which means drivers are buying more gas than they would if the roads were clear.

People are also more aware of how cars and fuel use affect the environment. In the Philippines, there are laws to protect air quality and reduce pollution, and the government has agreed to international goals to help the planet, which could have made drivers more conscious of how their cars contribute to pollution. It is possible that they are starting to look for cars that are friendlier to the environment, such as electric vehicles (EV).

All these possible factors are pushing Filipino car owners to prioritize fuel efficiency. So, the Filipinos have spoken once again - a car that's more affordable to run day to day and better for our environment. Better fuel economy means less time and money spent at the gas station and a smaller carbon footprint, a win-win for both the consumer and the environment. 

With fuel economy becoming a big deal for car buyers, the auto industry might want to focus more on models that use gas better. 

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