2023 New Year Resolutions in Motoring Philippines

Last year was a pretty eventful one for motoring. We got a ton of new models and a lot of new brands coming into their own and showcasing some world-class products. While we were thoroughly impressed with a bunch of brands and their releases in 2022, we should also look back at the year and see what new resolutions we have to adjust to for 2023. 

Philippine motoring has changed, and there are even bigger changes for the future of the industry and just driving in general. Here are some of the things that we learned in 2022 that we will take into 2023. 

Metro Manila Traffic

A lot of people got used to the light traffic of the pandemic, from 2020 to 2021. However, as restrictions eased more people returned to their communal workspaces, the traffic situation in the metro and beyond returned to normal pre-pandemic levels, even going as far as worsening compared to before. 

As such, the team took several measures to ensure that we still made it to our appointments, events, and meetings on time. Some of us have even gone for a two-wheeled vehicle to skip the congestion altogether, but for those of us that stuck to four, we made sure to leave at least thirty minutes earlier than our estimated time of arrival just in case traffic suddenly built up on our journey. Traffic was so bad at some points in the year (the holiday season especially) where we missed an event or two by several hours. Skyway was once the expressway to get between cities from the north and south, but some entry points into the elevated freeway have gotten congested beyond belief. One time, we found ourselves stuck trying to get into Skyway Stage 3 through Quezon Avenue, and that little trip cost us two hours in our trip. 

Whether it’s an issue with the entrance to Skyway, whether it’s a tolling system issue that was reported, or whether it’s the sheer volume of cars going through the small entries of the elevated freeway, it’ll pay to have a greater understanding of your route. Don’t just rely on Waze or Google maps to tell you where to go. Remember, traffic happens on the streets, thus, being street-smart is always going to help you get to your destination on time. 

Fuel Pump

The price of gasoline and diesel shot up in 2022, leaving a lot of motorists looking for fuel-efficient cars. Diesel vehicles eventually fell out as the number one option for frugal motorists due to the fuel price increases. As it stands, and as 2022 prices go, gasoline came out as the cheaper fuel, and crossovers, sedans, and hatchbacks that run on gasoline became a lot more desirable as a result. 

Even though the gasoline versus diesel debate still goes on, it’s also important to note that gasoline vehicles keep getting even more fuel-efficient. Diesel motors are still plenty efficient by modern standards, but the rise of hybrids and lower gasoline prices are a strong case for smoother-running gasoline vehicles. 

Whether you’re on team diesel or on team gasoline, you cannot deny that fuel prices have gone up immensely over the past year. Fuel-saving tips were a hot topic for us to cover, and perhaps a good resolution would be to think with your head about fuel and plan trips accordingly. Skipping traffic, and taking shorter routes is a part of saving fuel, but habits are also part of the equation. Another resolution, if you’re serious about saving fuel, would be to invest in a hybrid vehicle. The industry is shifting slowly but surely to electrifying anything on four wheels, so keeping an open mind will be an important step to take as the industry continues to progress further into carbon-neutral mobility. 

Car Maintenance

Garages, shops, and dealers are back in full force this year so that’s good for a lot of motorists who need fluid changes and other maintenance items. However, there is still an odd motorist or two that still gets a flat tire on the road or has an overheating issue around the city. While keeping up to date with your oil changes is an important and necessary step in car ownership, please don’t forget your tires or the other fluids in your vehicle. 

In fact, don’t even take the risk, change tires, fluids, and get your periodic maintenance service early. Be sure to check yourself if you trust the tires that your car rolls on, and check if there are any punctures or foreign objects in the rubber before you set off. 

In short, the new year’s resolution here is to be mindful of your machine and take the matter of your safety into your own hands. Be mindful of your car’s condition, and be vigilant in spotting something amiss. 

Philippine Plate Number

Never forget what day it is and keep in touch with the latest coding news to come from the LTO or the LGUs to prevent some unwanted flags from traffic enforcers. Also, be on top of your car’s registration and your driver’s license renewal this year. Don’t forget, your plate number will tell you when you need to get your car registered, and your license expiry date falls on your birthday after a certain number of years. 

Also, be a law-abiding motorist. Follow stop lights, pay attention to lanes when turning, and make sure that you save yourself the hassle of a ticket or the ire of a traffic enforcer. If you do get stopped, or find yourself getting apprehended, deal with it in a calm and collected manner. Let’s all pledge to be patient with the rules of the road and the enforcers that are simply doing their jobs this year and beyond. 

Spotify playlist

On that note, and while the heat of the city is beating down on all of us and our vehicles, it’s important to keep your cool and to keep calm whenever you’re on the road. Say no to road rage, say no to getting hot-headed, and relax. 

Perhaps put on your favorite Spotify playlist while you drive and make sure that you don’t get frazzled on your way to work or your next getaway destination. Take breaths, create a positive atmosphere, and avoid getting pissy at other motorists. Mind yourself and keep yourself sane no matter how insane things may get on the road. 

Also, one thing we learned last year was to keep your standards high but also keep an open mind. The year 2022 taught us that even some brands can get it wrong from time to time, whether it be a persistent issue with an automobile, or whether a model simply does not live up to expectations. There are also new brands that exceeded our initial expectations. For these marques, the cars did most of the talking.  

Keep an open mind and an eye out for the next big thing. Perhaps that next big thing will be your next big purchase in the near future, you never know. If anything, don’t give the big shot manufacturers a pass just because of the badge, but also consider the little guy once in a while, they may just surprise you. 

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