Ford Ranger vs Chevrolet Colorado head-to-head

If you’re scouting for a decent pickup truck, you’ve come to the right article. In this segment, we’re putting the Ford Ranger and the Chevrolet Colorado in a head-to-head battle know which of these two trucks is an appropriate option for you. What we have here are two American pickup trucks from two well-established western companies bearing the blue oval and the bow tie emblem.

Both the Ranger and Colorado have a wide variant selection. There are six variants of the Colorado, while there are eight for the Ranger. The wide selection helps buyers find the perfect option according to their needs. In this head-to-head comparison, we focused on comparing the high-end 4x4 variants of the two – the Ford Ranger Wildtrak Biturbo and the Chevrolet Colorado High Country Storm.

Chevrolet Colorado vs Ford Ranger

Exterior design is among the first few things that build up first impressions. To be able to sell the features stored inside the vehicle, including the chassis on which the car is built, manufacturers make sure the design is pleasing to the observer’s eyes. With that said, we have our hands down on both trucks from the two American automakers. Don’t get us wrong, both have distinct styles.

A side-by-side comparison of the fascia gives away that both trucks boast muscular detailing. However, we find the Colorado with sportier style elements, while Ranger kept that rugged and simplistic impression. Weighing which one has better design will heavily depend on the buyer’s preference. The Chevrolet Colorado features a divided grille accentuated by a set of wide headlamps. These are the exact opposite elements found on the Ranger, which sports narrower headlights and a one-part hexagonal grille.

Since we’re comparing the Colorado High Country Storm to the Ranger Wildtrak, we also have to mention that the bow tie-bearing truck has exclusive decals that adds to its sporty appeal. Meanwhile, you’ll find that the two models come standard with styling bars on the bed. Also, the Colorado High Country Storm rolls on 18-inch blacked-out alloy wheels, while the Ranger has 18-inch two-tone alloys.

Chevrolet Colorado vs Ford Ranger

Expect to find similar-looking cabin elements inside the two pickup trucks. The dashboard designs are straightforward and simple. The only difference is that the Ranger Wildtrak’s dashboard comes equipped with a glossy plastic slab on the passenger side. This decoration bears the Wildtrak badge, as well as orange stitching all throughout the cabin.

When it comes to the steering wheel, the High Country Storm is equipped with the usual three-spoke steering wheel and the Ranger Wildtrak has a four-spoke orange-stitched steering wheel with glossy dark grey plastic accents. Both the Wildtrak and High Country Storm carry leather-wrapped seats, which could be a plus because leather is easy to clean compared to fabric.

Chevrolet Colorado vs Ford Ranger

When it comes to safety, the Ranger Wildtrak edges the Colorado High Storm by having six airbags surrounding the cabin, as well as a blind spot detection system. One feature that’s also worth mentioning is the active park assist of the Ranger Wildtrak for optimum parking convenience, while the Colorado High Country Storm has a remote engine start.

Now, here is where a chunk of the price difference comes in. The bow tie brand’s pickup is priced at P1,638,888, while the Ranger Wildtrak is at P1,695,000 – that’s a P56,112-worth of added features for the Ranger. Both of these American workhorses feature an on-the-fly 4WD system, as well as hill start assist technology. Highlighting the entertainment system for both trucks are eight-inch touchscreen displays. There are slightly more speakers in the Colorado, however, which is seven in total compared to the six inside the Ranger’s cabin.

Chevrolet Colorado vs Ford Ranger

What sets the two models apart is the gap between the two power plants. The Colorado is powered by a 2.8-liter DOHC diesel engine, which is superior in numbers compared to the 2.0-liter Biturbo diesel engine under the hood of the Ranger Wildtrak. We got there the word “Biturbo,” mind you, and it dictates the fate of the blue oval truck against the bow tie brand’s pickup. Despite the absence of 700-plus cubic centimeters, the Wiltrak’s power output is superior by 10 hp from the Storm’s 200 hp—though torque output remains leveled at 500 Nm.

The only downfall of turbo diesel engines for some people is the cost of maintenance, as it’s more expensive to maintain compared to a regular diesel engine. However, there’s another selling point for the Ranger; it comes with a 10-speed automatic transmission. Keep in mind that the Colorado High Country Storm has a 6-speed automatic – allowing the Ranger to snatch a point on this category.

The higher price point of the Ranger Wildtrak makes up to the added safety and convenience feature – not to mention, the biturbo engine and 10-speed automatic transmission. However, it still is a tight match between the two western pickup truck – a tug of war on the specs sheet.

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