Head to Head: Maxus G50 vs Toyota Innova

The Toyota Innova came into the picture after the iconic Revo. From its first and second-generation, the model has garnered much love and popularity from Filipinos given its strong points in terms of practicality, its tried and tested diesel powerplant, and reliability at its finest, it’s really the 8-seater that captured the hearts of many locals. Back then, the Innova stands confidently given its unique approach, as it has no direct competitors, now, there are some new entries in the market that are qualified to take on the King of MPVs, and one of them includes the Maxus G50

The Maxus G50 is also an 8-seater as it is able to accommodate three occupants at the back. Plus, its range of convenience features can match the Innova. We shall be basing this comparison between the range-topping G50 1.5 AT Premium with the Innova 2.8 G Diesel AT, with some mentions for the other variants in the lineup, but the two main variants will be for the Innova 2.8 G and G50 1.5 Premium as they hit similar price points. So without further ado, let’s proceed and see who will succeed.

Head to Head: Maxus G50 vs Toyota Innova exterior Philippines

In terms of dimensions, the Maxus G50 appears to be longer, with it measuring 4,825 mm versus 4,735 mm for the Toyota. As for the width and height, the Innova is bigger, with it measuring 1,830 mm in width and 1,795 mm tall. That’s more than the Maxus G50’s 1,825 mm width and 1,778 mm height. 

Aesthetics-wise, the G50 exhibits well-planted lines and a minivan-like approach body. The Innova, on the other hand, gets a more striking and imposing front fascia plus, more chrome. Both MPVs are lookers in their own rights, now all that matters is your personal preference.

Standard exterior features on the Innova G AT include multi-reflector halogen headlamps with fog lamps, chrome door handles, a bulb-type rear combination lamp, and 16-inch alloy wheels paired with 205/65 wheels. The G50 Premium, on the other hand, gets LED headlights, body-colored handles with a smart-keyless entry button, LED taillights, and 17-inch alloys coupled with 215/55 wheels.

Both MPVs impressed us in terms of look, however, given the better features found on the G50, we’d have to declare it the winner of this round.

WINNER: Maxus G50

Head to Head: Maxus G50 vs Toyota Innova interior Philippines

Both cabins are proven to be spacious. While the Innova has the advantage of being equipped with captain seats for the V variant, the Maxus G50, on the other hand, features more space. Plus, both the second-row and third-row seats fold flat, giving you a large cargo area. It is worth noting that the G50 gets more soft-touch surfaces while the Innova is treated with more hard plastics leans towards the durable and should stand the test of time.

Both MPVs in their respective variants come standard with steering wheel audio mounted audio controls and an automatic air conditioning system with rear vents. Only the G50 Premium gets leather seats with red trim, a push-start button, cruise control, a wireless charging pad, a 360-degree monitor, and a power tailgate. 

Head to Head: Maxus G50 vs Toyota Innova interior infotainment system Philippines

As for the infotainment system, the Innova G AT comes with a 7-inch audio display with a 6-speaker audio system, it’s also equipped with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Smart Device Link. The G50 Premium, on the other hand, comes with a larger 12.3-inch display, however, no Android Auto and Apple CarPlay is available for its infotainment system, it still gets the usual media connectivity setting though such as Bluetooth which works perfectly fine. Both of its screens are then paired with a 6-speaker audio system.

Despite its lack of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, Maxus G50 Premium did impress us in terms of space and tech, which is why we are declaring it as the winner of this round.

WINNER: Maxus G50

Head to Head: Maxus G50 vs Toyota Innova safety Philippines

Standard safety and security features on both variants include stability control, ABS, EBD, parking sensors, hill-start assist, and ISOFIX child seat anchors. The Innova G AT only gets a standard reversing camera while the G50 Premium comes with a 360-degree monitor, plus, the traditional parking brake on the Innova is outmatched by the G50 Premium’s electronic parking brake with auto-hold function. As for airbags, the Innova G AT only gets dual-front airbags and a knee unit for the driver. The G50 Premium, on the other hand, does not come with the knee unit, although it does come added with front side airbags. 

The Toyota Innova G AT did deliver quite well in terms of safety, however, given the G50 Premium’s stronger specifications, we’d have to declare it as the overall winner of this round.

WINNER: Maxus G50

Head to Head: Maxus G50 vs Toyota Innova engine Philippines

This is where the two MPVs differ, all G50s are powered by a 1.5-liter 4-cylinder turbocharged engine that produces 167 hp and 250 Nm of torque, while the refreshed Innova is still run by the tried and tested 2.8-liter turbo-diesel engine. Power figures still vary depending on the variant, since we’re talking about the G AT, the said mill is 171 hp and 360 Nm of torque. For the Maxus, it is mated to a 7-speed DCT while the Innova is paired with a 6-speed AT. 

Given its richer power figures, the Innova has managed to take the crown from the Maxus. Despite that, we’d still give the G50 credit for having a small yet impressively potent engine.

WINNER: Toyota Innova

Head to Head: Maxus G50 vs Toyota Innova exterior front Philippines

In terms of pricing, the Maxus G50 Premium sits at a lower price point compared to the Toyota, with the range-topping variant currently retailing at P1,338,000. The Toyota Innova G AT, on the other hand, is priced higher than the Maxus, with it retailing at P1,592,000. Given the affordability and more competitive specification, the Maxus G50 takes its rightful position as the first place of this head-to-head comparo. Despite the loads of tech features you get, the G50 Premium is surprisingly affordable which perhaps makes it a good Innova alternative.

Head to Head: Maxus G50 vs Toyota Innova exterior rear Philippines

The Innova will still continue its successful reign despite this loss, this is all thanks to the love and acceptance it has and will continue to receive in the coming years. Truly the Toyota Innova will continue to stand strong in terms of practicality and reliability, but that doesn’t mean that Maxus isn’t giving the MPV a bit of a run for its money.  

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