2018 TransSportShow

TransSportShow, one of the largest modified and restored car shows in the country, is back for another four-day drool-worthy display. The 27th edition of Tradeshow International Inc.'s brainchild houses the country's hottest cars under one roof – at SM Mall of Asia's SMX Convention Center at Pasay City. 

If you were too busy that you missed the four-day show, don't worry, we got you covered. Here's a gallery of most of the cars you would've seen there if you made it to the show. 

First off, classic cars. We have this certain fascination about cars from the days of our grandparents. They give this legit feeling of driving without much of the electronics that are found in modern cars. Come on, aren't those chrome accents on the exterior astonishing? Long live the classics.

Meanwhile, we imagine what it's like to drive on the highway with these two cars whose colors are just...eye-catching.

If you're into big cars with extra-sized wheels and bullbars, you'll going to love these ones. These were like those military contractor's operations vehicles you see in the movies – kind of like Dwayne Johnson's car taste.

Now, speaking of bullbars, dirt buggies were there too. Rough muddy roads? What are those?

The show also saw tuner cars so if you're a fan of super low stance, bright paint, huge bumpers, wide body kits, and extra lights, you got to see these. If you haven't got the real meaning of down to earth, these ones are literally it.

We also found a bunch of more Honda Civics from different generations. The Civic flag was well-raised there and too bad if you are a fan. Just be sure to attend next year.

Oh, and of course, GT-Rs, baby.

Super cars were also present – the dream team. Look at that one angry Lambo.

Oh, I'm sure you'll recognize this one. Luigi from Pixar's Cars also visited the show. Too bad his companion Guido didn't make it but he was kind enough to bring his friend's standee. He looks fulfilled, doesn't he? 

Last year's Best of Show also bragged the trophies it got. You can't deny it, this Toyota Corolla is unlike any Corolla you usually see.

Fancy toys? Aside from real-life cars, there were collection racks in the show. The details on them were fantastic. We wish we have these in the office, it would've been nice to stare at these every once in a while, every day.

Here are some other cars you would have seen in the show. 

Lastly, there's this camoflauged powermachine from Nissan. What could be this mysterious SUV from the Japanese brand? Any guess?

Well, all in all, it was one heck of a show – crowd was good, there were pretty awesome aftermarket products, and a number of snack booths were there, too. So, see you next year? 

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