Here's what your favorite car brand says about you

We all buy different cars for different reasons—whether it's due to deep-rooted brand loyalty that has lasted for years and years or a newfound appreciation for a specific marque or nameplate. 

The cars we buy and drive say something about ourselves. It’s unavoidable. Sometimes these notions can be profound, and sometimes they're all in good fun. So, here's what we think your favorite car brand says about you.

As you're probably aware, there are more automotive marques in the Philippines than one can name off the top of their head. For that reason, we're going with the ten most-inquired-about brands from 2021, according to our annual Industry Insights. 


If your favorite car brand is Toyota, you may be an inherently practical person. You like and buy things that stand the test of time. You don't like settling for flimsy products and fleeting trends.

You may be into comfortable clothes that are not necessarily the hottest items at the moment. You may give the impression that you think you're better than everyone else, but that's precisely how you like it. Still, you're likely reliable and the go-to person when friends and family encounter problems.


Suzuki fans appreciate Japanese craftsmanship, but they're also likely frugal, sometimes to a fault. You may like saving up your money and only buying things you need. 

Some people may think you're plain, but underneath all that could be a fun-loving spirit that's not opposed to adventure. You know who you are inside, and you probably don't let others' opinions cloud your judgment. 


You likely think of yourself as having refined tastes. You want the best things in life, and you're not afraid to let everybody know. You may travel a lot or are thinking of doing so. You probably appreciate western culture and embody a lot of it in yourself.

Your Achilles heel? You may spend a lot more than you can afford. Fords aren't typically as cheap to maintain as their Japanese counterparts after all, but you don't mind. You believe the price of comfort and status is worth it.


You're into big, capable, and reliable vehicles that stand the test of time. You may like being versatile, going on a wholesome family trip on one day, and taking on a rugged adventure on another, all while not breaking a sweat. 

You're probably opinionated and stick to your guns whenever there's an argument. Most of all, you're probably not flashy and prefer the quiet confidence that comes with owning an Isuzu. You’re quietly confident as well, opting for long-term more than anything else. 


If Mitsubishi is your favorite car brand, you probably know what you like and what you have to do to get it. You may be very goal-oriented and prefer to tick off the boxes in your bucket list.

While people will never mistake your tastes for being radical, you do likely value style, wealth, and practicality. To you, those things could trump everything else.


Nissan lovers appreciate craftsmanlike design and attention to detail. In addition to famed performance cars, the Japanese automaker also boasts family cars, electric vehicles, rugged off-roaders, and everything in between. All of them are well-built and dependable to boot.

So, you're likely the kind of person who wants to have it all—with the cars you buy and life in general. You're not afraid to chase your dreams, and you will work hard to get what you want. The ultimate prize for you lies in the mastery of your craft. 


If you're into Kia, you're likely someone who likes to tread off the beaten path. Sure, you appreciate well-made things, but you also like to see what other wonderful things the world has to offer.

Kia offers tremendous value with their cars, and that's something that appeals to you. Kia's unmistakable South Korean design sensibilities light up a fire in you that no other brand can come close to emulating. You're probably more mature than your age indicates, and you seek people who are on the same wavelength.


So you're a Honda person. That could mean you're dependable, punctual, and perhaps a little uptight. You may like to keep your circle tight and your secrets close to the vest.

You could be a family man or woman at heart, although you may not like to admit it. People probably think you can be a bit boring, but when the mood hits, there's no doubt you can be the life of the party.


Geely fans are either young or young at heart. As one of the newest automakers on the block, the Chinese brand tends to get a lot of flak from people who haven't taken the time to see what it offers.

You likely relate to that underdog spirit, and you do everything with a chip on your shoulder. You don't care if anyone judges your choices. You're content with letting your work speak for itself. The world will know that you're one-of-a-kind, and you understand that it's only a matter of time before your moment in the spotlight comes.


What do MG fans have in common? They appreciate European history and design. MG is a storied company that has recreated itself to fit the modern world. Nearly a hundred years on, the company continues to excite and surprise.

It also takes a certain kind of tenacity to go up against the big dogs in the industry, but MG does it with poise and sophistication. It may be something you admire and want to support. You probably see a lot of yourself in the brand, and that could be why you like cars with elegant designs and competitive price points. 

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