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Nowadays, owning a brand new car has become simpler and more convenient. With the advent of online car buying websites like, driving home that dream car of yours is just a few clicks away. 

But to those new to the website, here’s a simple guide to help you learn the basics on how you can maximize your AutoDeal experience.

Assess yourself

Looking for your new car on AutoDeal is easy. However, the most important thing you should do first is to assess yourself. Put things into a more realistic perspective and determine the reason why you should buy a car in the first place. This article entitled 5 Signs That You Should Get a Car may give you a helping hand.

In addition, knowing the type of car you want to buy is likewise important. Do you want a hatchback as your first car or an SUV for your family? Does your business require a pickup truck for loading supplies or a van for delivery use? For a more detailed description of each car body type, refer to this Guide on the Common Car Body Types.

Aside from those, you also have to consider how much you have to (or can) spend on that dream car. Buying a car is a major investment that requires careful budgeting and decision-making. Remember that besides the car, you also have to budget expenses such as food, water, electricity, shelter, medications, among others.

Search the AutoDeal Car Guide

The AutoDeal Car Guide provides you the information you need with regard to the car you want to buy. It contains a short description of the car, a set of exterior and interior photos, its variant lineup, and its technical specifications.

There are 2 options to which you can access information about your prospect car. The first is via search box that lets you input the make and model name of the car.

You can also try looking for it with the help of the Car Guide’s Guided Search option. This option presents you with 2 choices; Select Car Make or Select Body Type. The former lets you browse models by brand. The latter, on the other hand, lets you browse based on car body types. Clicking either choice leads you to the Price Range Slider which allows you to set a price parameter based on your budget. 

Compare the car with similar models

AutoDeal also has the Car Comparison Tool wherein you can compare your prospective car with 2 other models of its kind. In the Car Comparison Tool, you’ll be able to gauge your car’s high and low points, and see how it stacks up against the competition.

Check if there are promos available for the car

Here’s one bonus tip to level up your AutoDeal experience. Car manufacturers and dealers regularly throw in special promos with their models. Feel free to browse around the Promos Section. You can find promos such as all-in low downpayment, low monthly payment, free preventive maintenance services (PMS), and more.

Inquire about the car and/or promo

When you’ve finally learned more about the car, or have seen the latest promo for it, the next thing to do is to inquire about it. You can find the “inquire” button on the Car Guide, the Car Comparison result, and the Promo pages. As its name implies, the inquire button allows you to contact AutoDeal’s team of Client Support Executives via email.

Clicking it leads you to a page wherein you can input your name and contact details. There’s also an optional field which you can type a short message about your inquiry. You can ask the Client Support team for a price quote on the car, it’s financing options, other promo details, and more.

You can expect a reply (via email and/or by phone) from the team within 2 working days. Should you be satisfied with the feedback and/or decide to purchase the car, the team will then connect you to AutoDeal’s network of registered dealerships.

AutoDeal works exclusively with official car manufacturers, importers, and dealership groups to make sure that the information it provides is constantly up-to-date. This also helps AutoDeal to know who exactly you’re dealing with out there in the market. This way, business trust and customer satisfaction are safeguarded.

With, you’re a step closer to buying your dream car. It’s fast, easy, and most importantly, it’s safe and legit. AutoDeal not only make your car buying simplified, it also prioritizes your satisfaction as a car buyer. We hope that this simple guide will help you score that brand new car and drive it proud on the open road soon.

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