Cabin air Filter

Cabin air filters are often overlooked, but one of the easiest parts to change, and is a part of general vehicle maintenance. It’s a simple process that requires no tools especially for most passenger cars out in the market. This part is essential in order to keep your car’s cabin clean from dust, debris, and other contaminants. Changing it out when you need to is crucial if you want to maintain the air quality in your cabin and protect your health from any airborne hazards. 

Clean air filter

Manufacturers will use different sizes of cabin filters depending on the car. Make sure to get the right size and shape filter to make sure it’s a perfect fit for your vehicle. 

Once you have that, take note that there are different types of filter elements with varying levels of protection. The most common filters will typically be made of paper or a thin cloth. Heavily consider. It’s also not uncommon for these products to be treated with an antimicrobial solution or odor-reducing agent to aid in the effectiveness of the filter. Also, note that N95 cabin filters may also be available for your car. An N95 filter blocks at least 95% of airborne particles, making it one of the more effective in the selection at blocking particulate going through your air conditioning system. On the flipside, there are also cabin filters that are washable and reusable. If you buy this filter, make sure to buy a reusable filter cleaning kit to wash and treat the filter before it goes back into your car. 

Automotive Cabin Filter Airbox

On most if not all passenger cars, the cabin filter housing is located behind the passenger-side glove compartment. To gain access to the part, you need to unclip the glovebox. Be careful when removing the glovebox as the clips can be hard to remove or have several clips and locks that can break. The design of the part will also vary depending on the brand and model you are working on. 

Old car air filter

Usually, the cabin filter will be fitted onto a tray or simply covered by a door. Either way, there will be at least one or two latches that lock the filter element into place. For most cars, you don’t need tools to unseat the latches, and all you need are your hands, pull firmly and open the door or pull out the tray holding the filter element. 

Dirty Car Cabin Filter

When taking the old filter out, hold your breath for a bit, and make sure you wash your hands after. New filters will come with a plastic bag or box, so take the new filter out and place the old filter in the packaging for easy disposal. 

Car Cabin Filter

After disposing of the old filter, simply place the new filter in the airbox or tray. Close the door, make sure it’s latched in, put back the glove box, and breathe easy. 

Replace car cabin filter

Make sure, however, that the filter is seated properly. There will be guides on the side of the filter that will tell you what side is up and what side should be facing the locking mechanism of the airbox. 

Car AC vents

Congratulations, you’ve successfully installed a cabin filter. Every cabin filter will need replacing after a number of kilometers have been run. Typically the interval ranges from 10,000 to 20,000 kilometers, or about every year depending on how much you drive your car. If you drive your car a lot or find yourself in very polluted and populated areas, it’s best to replace your cabin filter early. 

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