How long does it take for a Car Dealer to give the OR/CR?

In the Philippines, every vehicle comes with a set of documents. Two of which include your Official Receipt (OR) and Certificate of Registration (CR). These Land Transportation Office (LTO)-issued documents control the country’s traffic system, more importantly, it identifies and distinguishes your car. 

Unfortunately, some dealers don’t immediately give these papers once your brand new car has been released, instead, owners will have to wait before they can get their hands on these documents. 

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If you’re lucky enough, your agent could give the OR/CR a week after your car has been released. Ideally, the car will come with an OR/CR right off the lot. Unfortunately, there are some instances wherein you’re going to have to have a little bit longer than the usual, some dealers even stretch by up to 2 months or so. One of the possible reasons with the delay in delivering these documents is because some dealers process the OR/CR by batch, or there are delays in the LTO. 

Apart from that, the ongoing pandemic might have extended the usual waiting period on these documents. Upon recalling, some LTO offices were closed given the rise of positive COVID-19 cases, the government agency has done this in order to properly conform with the safety protocols imposed in the country and continue operations. 

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Yes you can, granted that the dealer will issue a sales invoice once your vehicle has been released. However, do take note that this paper is only effective within a week, that’s why the majority of car dealers try their best to deliver the OR/CR immediately in order for the owners to safely drive their car in or out of town. If you drive your car out on the road with an expired sales invoice along with no OR/CR and by chance a traffic enforcer catches you, then you’ll be greeted with a fine.

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If you haven't gotten your OR/CR after the usual 7-day waiting period, then it’s best to get in touch with your agent. Don’t be shy to follow up on your dealer, if that doesn’t work, you can even file an action to demand, which would hopefully make them comply as soon as possible. Despite that, some dealerships have the initiative to inform their clients immediately if there are any possible delays in the process and what actions you or they need to take in order to expedite the process.

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Throughout your years of ownership with a certain vehicle, proper documentation is a must, that’s why you should take care of your OR/CR. It’s actually best if you keep it inside your car just in case of an emergency. Also, do take note that these documents are also needed when you plan to sell your car in the future, given that the buyer will have it checked in order to track your ownership history.

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