How much does it cost to insure a Kia Stonic?

The Kia Stonic has been a hot-selling subcompact crossover since its launch in 2020. It has quickly become a normal sight on our urban roads, and for good reason. The Stonic has attracted swathes of buyers for its aggressive looks, ample features, and relatively affordable price point. 

A good-looking crossover like the Stonic deserves quality protection, and you can only find that with a car insurance plan from one of the top providers in the Philippines. On the AutoDeal platform, we’ve made it easier and simpler to gather quotes from trusted insurance companies. With a few clicks, you can find out exactly how much it would cost you to insure your Kia Stonic. That said, we’ve made it even more convenient here as we explore what you could expect to pay for insurance.

The Kia Stonic is one of the more affordable subcompact crossovers in the local market. It starts at only P765,000 for the base 1.4 LX MT model. For the top-of-the-line 1.4 EX AT variant, it will set buyers back just shy of a million pesos at P955,000. Even with its wallet-friendly price range, the Kia Stonic is a big purchase—one that needs protecting from unforeseen incidents.

If you’re planning to use the Stonic as a daily driver, you’d be exposed to various elements, and without car insurance to fall back on, it would be all too easy to lose your hard-earned money if disaster strikes. Getting insurance for your Kia Stonic could be one of the best decisions you make for yourself and your vehicle.

When you take a quick look at the AutoDeal Insurance Calculator, you’ll see an overview of the available insurance providers as well as a ballpark figure for what you can expect to pay, depending on several factors, of course.

Purchasing insurance for the base model Kia Stonic will cost you between just over P14,000 and P16,000. Meanwhile, insurance for the top-spec variant will cost between a little over P17,000 and nearly P20,000. 

Below is a short breakdown of what insurance for the Stonic could look like. Take note that these figures represent the most expensive policies with the lowest available insurance coverage. To get something that better suits your needs, we highly encourage you to check out our Insurance Calculator.

These prices include auto insurance coverage for an entire year. You would have to renew your policy annually, subject to negotiation with your chosen provider. AutoDeal has partnered with some of the top insurance companies in the Philippines, including Mapfre, Malayan, Fortuner General, and FPG Insurance. It would be ideal to compare and contrast the offerings from each of these providers, as all of them offer different benefits to suit specific needs.

Securing a quality car insurance plan with AutoDeal takes only about 5 minutes. You can even receive your policy as soon as the next business day. This way, you can have more time to enjoy your Kia Stonic with confidence. When you get a comprehensive insurance plan, you can drive all you want, knowing that you're safe against whatever the road has in store for you and your vehicle.

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