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If you have ever driven down a highway or a road at high speed while following another vehicle, you might likely encounter a light tapping sound of rocks hitting your windshield. While in most cases, this does no damage to your vehicle, there are cases where this small debris flying at high speeds can cause damage to your windshield. With that, we have created a quick guide to understanding, how chipping and cracks can happen to your windshield, and how to fix it.

Before we get into the technicalities, it is important to remember why your windshield is important. As the name suggests, it protects or shields you from the elements that you may encounter on your journey. These are typically made of laminated safety glass, that doesn’t shatter into sharp shards in the event of a crash. Aside from its protective properties, windshields also serve the purpose of aerodynamics as it helps push air around the vehicle.

Now that we have covered why windshields are important, let’s now cover how they could get damaged. Damage to the windshield can occur at any time but the chances are increased if you are following closely behind a vehicle at a high rate of speed. This increases the chances of a small rock or other road debris hitting your windshield and causing a crack or a chip. Other causes can also occur while your vehicle is parked. This can come from falling fruit or other objects that, can not only damage your windshield but also damage other exterior components of your vehicle as well. 

In the event that a small stone or object hits your windshield, there are four typical types of cracks or damage that can occur.

Now that we have covered the common types of damage that can occur to your windshield, it’s now time to cover how to repair them. There are usually two kinds of products you can use to repair your windshield, the first is a filler type and the second is replacement glass.


These are what happens when an object hits your car’s windshield and causes tiny pieces of glass to flake off. This type of damage typically occurs when small debris like gravel hits your windshield. Shapes and sizes of chips vary depending on the size of the object that hits the windshield. While these seem like a minor problem, it’s highly recommended to have these fixed immediately as these also have an effect on the strength of your windshield. A chipped windshield is a vulnerable one, especially to cracking. 

windshield crack


Cracks on your windshield are similar to scratches on the exterior of your vehicle. When cracks appear on your windshield, this means that the object that hit it is carrying enough force to penetrate a layer of the windshield. Just like Chips, these can come from flying debris or even extreme changes in temperature. Similar to chips, these should be treated right away to further reduce the risk of further damage to your windshield. 

Star break or chip

Star break or crack

As the name states it is a crack that appears in the shape of a starburst. It comes with an initial impact zone with cracks that branch out from the center. These cracks are usually deep and thus have compromised the windshield’s ability to resist further damage. Similar to chipping and to cracks, these are caused by a high-speed impact on the windshield. These should also be fixed immediately and as quickly as possible, but might require a windshield replacement if the damage is severe. 

bull's eye damage

This is one of the most common kinds of cracks to occur. While its initial impact zone isn’t as big or as deep as a star break, it typically leaves a small circle’s worth of damage to the windshield thanks to cracks that branch out from the center. Just like the other types of cracks, these should be repaired immediately. One upside that the bull’s eye crack has is that thanks to its smaller area of damage, once repair these will often leave little to no trace that damage has occurred. 

Now that we have covered the common types of damage that can occur to your windshield, it’s now time to cover how to repair them. There are usually two kinds of products you can use to repair your windshield, the first is a filler type and the second is replacement glass.


As the name suggests, fillers help fill in the cracks and crevices left by the object that damaged the windshield. These often come in resin form and come with the added bonus of being quick and easy to use. While windshield repair kits come with many different formulas from manufacturer to manufacturer a few steps in the process remain the same.

windshield repair kit

How to use a windshield repair kit

Before proceeding with the repair make sure the kit that you have comes with the complete set of tools needed and that it comes with a clear set of instructions.

  • Step one, make sure that you have a razor to clean out the area that has been damaged. This will ensure that the damaged area is clear of debris that could otherwise ruin the repair process.
  • Step two, fill in the crack or chip with the provided resin, make sure that there are no air bubbles present to maximize the results of the repair.
  • Step three, allow the resin to cure, it is highly recommended to use a curing strip that should be provided with the windshield repair kit. If the kit does not come with a curing strip, make sure to cover the damaged area to prevent dust and other debris from affecting the repair process
  • Step four let the resin dry. In order for the repair to be successful, you need to let the resin dry completely to achieve a clear finish. 
  • Step five, if there is excess resin in the repaired area, you can use a razor blade to scrape it off for a better finish on the windshield. 
replacement glass

As a worst-case scenario and if the damage to your windshield is too great, you will need to buy a replacement. Be prepared to spend a substantial amount of money as replacements can be hard to source and can be expensive if bought from the dealership or third-party provider. Make sure to check your vehicle’s warranty, if it is still covered by it, to see if the windshield is covered as it could greatly reduce the amount of money you will need to pay for repairs. 

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