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The resale value of a car mainly depends on its brand, model, engine, year it’s built, and most importantly its condition. However, there are things that you could do to maximize your car’s price within the fair market value as a pre-owned vehicle.

To guide you on that, here’s what you should consider when preparing your car for resale. These won’t take too much effort from you, but it could ultimately make or break the deal.

Repair dents and scratches

Even a little dent or scratch could lessen the value of your car. Damages like these could turn the buyer off especially when it’s pretty visible. Have them repaired in your trusted auto shops before putting your car up for sale so that it will look as mint as possible. Make sure to include damages in your interiors and trunk as well. You might be surprised; a P1,000-repair could add P20,000 to P50,000 to your asking price.

Check for leaks underneath 

You may not know it but your car might have some leaks underneath. This will not only affect your resale value, but it will also endanger the life of the person who’s buying your car. If you spot any leaks from your car, such as the engine oil or coolant leaks, then have it repaired immediately. You can also have them check everything under the hood so your buyer will get the value that they deserve.

Be in your buyer’s shoes 

Buyers are always skeptic when they are inspecting the item that they want to buy, especially that it’s already pre-owned. As the seller, you might overlook some things when preparing your car. Don’t rush and find time to inspect your vehicle in a buyer’s perspective. In order to do this, you need to be critical in inspecting your car. Ask yourself, “will I buy this car when I see this?” This way, you will be able to understand how your probable buyer thinks, which could prepare you for the questions that he or she has.

First impressions last 

In the world of selling, it’s not only your item that needs to be taken care of. First impressions can make your buyer agree with the value that you posted. You and your item should also appeal to their eyes the very first time they see it, in such a way that they will be assured that whoever they are dealing with is a legitimate, trustworthy individual.

This also applies when reselling your car. When meeting with a probable buyer, find time to clean the vehicle inside and out. You can check this blog to more know about tips on how to clean your car’s interior.

Moreover, clean and declutter your garage and house. You can also dress-up and prepare something for him or her to setup the mood, which could lighten up the whole process for both of you.

Tip: Have the car’s documents ready when a potential buyer visits you. Nothing beats being ready when they’ve decided to push through with the deal right away.

Professional detailing

Aside from cleaning your car, you could also spend money on having it professionally detailed. Detailing is the process of cleaning, restoring, and finishing of a vehicle to a show car quality. Trust us, a few thousands could add great value to your car. If the buyer is left with a choice between a regular and detailed vehicle, he or she will most likely choose the detailed one as its overall appearance will be one of the first consideration.

Preparing your car for reselling is a task that everyone should consider when it’s time to sell their ride. If the buyer feels that the car that they are buying is loved by their previous owner, they will appreciate the vehicle more, which could lead to a more advantageous outcome for you.

For more information about selling your car, visit the AutoDeal Used Cars section.

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