Is steam cleaning good for your car?

Steam cleaning is a revolutionary way of keeping your car spotless without the use of pressurized water sprays and other harsh chemicals. Not to mention, it also reduces the amount of effort and time you need to invest throughout the entire process. Many who are unfamiliar might ask, “is steam cleaning is good for their car?” Well, aside from the exterior, this tactic can also be used to clean your car’s interior and even your engine bay, and doing this does hold a lot of other benefits. 

How is car steam cleaning done

For starters, you’ll be needing a vapor steamer which is a bit expensive but it should let you save a lot in the long run as having your car steam cleaned on detailing shops can be more costly if you come back often. Once the steamer is there, water is poured into its container which uses a heating element to boil and create the steam which is then released through the cleaning tool attached to it. You’ll also be needing a microfiber cloth in order to dry and gently wipe the steamed surface, therefore removing the dirt and other particles. Just take note of the following if you plan to do this yourself:

  • Always remember to wear gloves before steam cleaning your car in order to protect your hands from the heat.
  • Do not set the steam cleaner to a very hot temperature, staying at a moderate setting should be enough for it to clean your car.
Car exterior steam cleaning

Steam cleaning is practical for most vehicles with a dirty exterior. What’s not logical is using this method for those vehicles that have gone off-roading or perhaps, those with an excessive amount of grime or mud which can be difficult to remove. With that, a traditional car wash should be more suitable for dirtier cars. So what exactly are the benefits of having your car’s exterior steam washed?

  • No toxic residue is left on the surface.
  • Cleans windows without streaking.
  • Wax, tar, and other compounds are removed from bumpers, chrome, and moldings.
  • Almost all areas of the car’s exterior are easily cleaned, from its paint job to the wheels.
Car Interior steam cleaning

Like the exterior, your car’s cabin must also be clean in order to keep you and your passengers in a sanitary environment. Without a doubt, spraying your interior with water is not such a good idea, granted that there are a lot of electronics that could be damaged if it gets wet. This makes the steam clean method a suitable way of keeping your car’s interior presentable in a safer and more logical approach. 

  • Deep cleans and freshens fabrics.
  • Small and tight spaces are easily cleaned.
  • Eliminates bad odors from smoking or pet stains.
  • Most importantly, it leaves surfaces virtually dry as soon as the process is complete.
Steam clean engine

Aside from the interior, the engine bay is another meticulous area of your car that should be cleaned with cautiousness. In fact, performing an engine wash can be time-consuming and a bit complicated given that you need to cover certain components of the engine to prevent it from getting wet. 

In the case of steam cleaning, it seems to be a safer and more convenient alternative in cleaning your engine bay, and like your average engine, it too delivers good results. Then again, we highly recommend getting sufficient knowledge on how engine steam cleaning is done or better yet, bring your car to a shop that offers this service, as a slight mistake could still damage your engine electronic controls.

  • Improves your engine bay’s appearance.
  • It can extend the life of your car’s engine, as having it well-maintained will prevent it from rusting and clogging.
  • The entire process should be quicker than your average engine wash.

Given all the benefits mentioned, it’s safe to say that having your car steam cleaned is fine as long as you have the right knowledge of doing the routine yourself. If you do not have the equipment as well as enough skills and knowledge to do this, you can always go to your trusted shop and have it steam cleaned there in order to avoid any sort of problem.

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