Supagard for professionally applied paint and fabric protection

With so many professional car protection services today, it can be a head-scratching dilemma to determine which one can truly keep your brand new vehicle look fresh off from the assembly line. If you want to stop wasting your time and money on a subpar auto carwash and detailing service, you should have your car protected by Supagard.

So what makes Supagard different from other brands?

Polysilazane Paint Sealant  –Supagard protects your car’s exterior by layering it with a technologically advanced and one-off application treatment called Polysilazane Paint Sealant. It is a one-off application that bonds with your car’s paint work and efficiently seals and protects it from pollutants that can cause your paint to fade. You don’t even need to wax or polish once you’ve applied the Supagard exterior protection.  

InteriorGard  – Removing liquid spills can be incredibly frustrating. With Supagard’s InteriorGard, you can say goodbye to coffee, carbonated drinks and other liquid beverages from staining your car seats. An invisible molecular resin based formula coats each fiber of your car seats. When you accidentally spill a fluid, you can just wipe it off with a clean cloth and gentle cleaning solution. The InteriorGard does not harm the fabric of the seats and carpet. In fact, it prolongs its life and retains the desirable texture and appearance.

LeatherGard - If your vehicle has a leather interior, you can use Supagard’s LeatherGard. It seals the surface of your leather interior and protects it from undesirable water based staining. If you have a light colored leather interior, don’t worry! It can also protect your leather seats from dye transferring.  

What is Supagard?

Supagard is a UK brand established way back in 1998. Having provided their products to more than 3,000 car dealers serviced and over 3-million happy customers, they are considered as the market leaders in professionally applied paint and fabric protection.

The company has spent more than two decades to provide automobile owners with the best products for paint and interior protection. Their product range includes paint and interior protection, as well as leather care. They offer 3-year guarantee on their all-professional applied Supagard products.

When it comes to keeping your car’s paint and interior looking as good as the first time you drove it home from the dealership, you can truly rely on Supagard. If you want your car to be protected by Supagard, please contact them via email at or shoot them a message at 0915-966-7652.

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